Adventure Gold price suddenly popped in the crypto market

Sudden Coinbase Pro listing has boosted AGLD price
  • Adventure Gold crypto has been skyrocketing with a surprising support from Coinbase pro
  • Cryptocurrency traders globally are outlooking AGLD as an interesting concept
  • AGLD is yet to be listed on the platform

Adventure Gold is a new unique cryptocurrency loot project that induces randomized exploration gear and stores it on the blockchain. Such elements intentionally withhold specifics beyond just a name. Moreover, these things encourage users to interpret and assign value to digital gears themselves. In recent days it is observed that the project has begun to gain mainstream attention. Notably, it is also observed that the support of Coinbase Pro is one of the major reasons that has boosted the price of the asset.

Adventure Gold is emerging as an interesting concept

The Adventure Gold project has recently been established in the cryptosphere. Following the interesting idea behind the soaring crypto project, some traders began to invest on the ground floor. It is also noteworthy that the explosive early growth of Adventure Gold has also attracted most of its investors. Moreover, this new cryptocurrency project began to surge after earning surprise support from Coinbase Pro. 

Why is the idea behind AGLD interesting?

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Adventure Gold has acquitted “Loot Bag”, which are NFTs. These bags contain text files that comprise eight phrases, like Short Sword, Plated Belt, and Titanium Ring. Following the texts, we have observed that these phrases are designed to become virtual ” building blocks for a yet-to-be-released video game. Simultaneously, if someone gets a Loot bag can claim 10k AGLD, which will become an in-game currency of the upcoming video game.

Following the scenario, Coinbase commented that AGLD is an Ethereum based token that was airdropped to owners of Loot Project NFTs. Indeed, such a project generates randomized adventure gear on-chain that can serve as the foundation for the upcoming game. 

Coinbase Pro support boosted the price of an altcoin

The price of the crypto asset suddenly spiked from $2.91 to $4.29, as Coin base announced it had listed the token on its platform. Following the announcement, Brian Armstrong, the CEO of one of the leading crypto assets exchanges, Coinbase cited that this summer the firm was hustling to list as many altcoins as possible. Indeed, the recent listing on such a robust platform is the latest in a spate of altcoins.

However, the token is still unavailable on the platform of

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