Polygon has partnered with GAMEE mobile esports platform

GAMEE plans to use Polygon's scaling solution for Arc8
  • Polygon has partnered with GAMEE solidifying its strength in the gaming sector
  • GAMEE will use the Ethereum scaling solution for its Arc8
  • Being a leading solution for ETH scaling and infrastructure development, the network will allow GAMEE to offer a faster and cheaper way for players to buy tokens and withdraw rewards

Polygon formerly known as the Matic Network is continuing to gain mainstream adoption. Recently, the blockchain solution announced a partnership with GAMEE, a mobile export plan, and a subsidiary of Animoca Brand. Indeed, now GAMEE will use the scaling solution provided by the blockchain for its Arc8, a blockchain gaming solution. GAMEE has already attracted 30 million members of the gaming community globally who have played more than 4.7 billion gameplays, earning more than $9 million. However, with the latest support, the total gaming market is predicted to grow from $175 billion to more than $200 billion.

Blockchain-based gaming is a highly promising sector

According to experts, the coalition of Polygon and GAMEE arose in a very sunny moment. It is predicted that the entire gaming industry will grow from $175.8 billion this year to more than $200 billion in upcoming years. Notably, following the eSports industry, in particular, it is estimated to exceed $2.5 billion in the next year. 

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Moreover, it is observed that the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales volume jumped to more than $2 billion in the first half of this year. Indeed such trends in the NFT and gaming markets make the blockchain-based gaming industry highly promising.

Why did Polygon partner with GAMEE? 

Polygon and GAMEE have collaborated to enhance the gaming experience. Due to high gs fee and congested network, scaling on Ether blockchain has become a very difficult blockchain. To solve such concerns Polygon has emerged to be a natural solution. According to Bozena Rezab, the co-founder and CEO of GAMEE, Polygon is the perfect solution for this gaming technology. Being a leading solution for ETH scaling and infrastructure development, the network will allow the platform to offer a faster and cheaper way for players to buy tokens and withdraw rewards.

Indeed, joining the fastest-growing ecosystem gives the ability to introduce Arc8 to millions of more players. Notably, users don’t have to worry about expensive and slow transactions.

How will the partnership help the blockchain?

The latest partnership will help solidify the strength of Polygon in the gaming industry. Notably, more than 500 gaming and NFT dApps are already in the Polygon ecosystem. In the current scenario, the blockchain network houses substantially more gaming and NFT dApps than any other network outside of Ether. Moreover, the network also boasts more than 60 million unique users and has facilitated more than 600 million transactions. 

According to Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, the blockchain has ascertained itself as the platform of choice for the world’s extensively innovative game developers. Ultimately, the Polygon gaming ecosystem becomes even more robust.

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