SEC takes action against two meme stock wash traders

  • Defendants unlawfully gleaned more tan $700,000
  • A wash-trading scheme was formed to target exchanges offering market maker rebates
  • Gu and Lee are believed to have kept half of rebates as profits

The United Stat Securities and Exchange Commission has recorded a grievance against two Robinhood clients over a supposed wash-exchanging based exchange conspiracy that used image stocks. 

As per a protest on Monday, litigants Suyun Gu and Yong Lee exploited varying exchange expense plans presented by various retail specialists and trades to separate exchange while wash-exchanging. By exchanging between settings that deal refunds to advertise creators and those that don’t charge expenses to showcase takers, the SEC assessments they produced more than $1.5 million worth of discounts altogether through the supposed wash-exchanging plan. 

Gu and Lee have executed 11,400 & 2,300 trades through the scheme

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Gu and Lee are accepted to have had the option to keep almost 50% of the discounts as benefits, with the commission assessing they benefitted $668,671 and $51,334, separately, while wash-exchanging during February through April of this current year. The pair are accepted to have executed 11,400 and 2,300 exchanges through the plan, separately. 

The pair are blamed for targeting put alternatives contacts for well known image stocks including GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC). As per the protest, Gu and Lee Believe that other market members’ advantage in purchasing ‘image stocks’ and related cost increment would make put alternatives on those stocks less appealing, making it simpler for Gu and Lee to exchange with themselves.

While the exchanging settings utilized by the pair are not unequivocally named in the court reports, it seems the pair were utilizing the well known expense free venture application Robinhood. The reports express that Gu devised the plan subsequent to watching the CEO from Representative vendor B diagram in a February court declaration that his firm doesn’t charge taker expenses to its clients — that very month that Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev affirmed before congress in regards to showcase instability identified with GME and other image stocks. 

AMC & GameStop saw the limelight because of Robinhood

Supposed “image stocks” like AMC and GameStop turned out to be broadly famous because of the Robinhood-and Reddit-based siphon-and-dump bunch r/Wallstreetbets adventure recently. 

Robinhood was the subject of contention in January after the stage ended exchanging on GME in the midst of the famous short press against multifaceted investments that was driven by the red hot peered toward Reddit people group r/Wallstreetbets. 

The gathering reacted by promptly combining on crypto, with Dogecoin (DOGE) siphoning by 980% on Jan. 28 — that very day that Robinhood acted to hose the furious image stock theory. 

Robinhood has since assessed that Dogecoin represented 62% of its crypto incomes during Q2.

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