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Hodlnaut Review: Earn Passive Income on the go with Your Crypto Assets!

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Whether you’re a beginner or pro at crypto investing, it is no secret that the cryptocurrency market has experienced waves of volatility as evidenced by Bitcoin and Ethereum’s price swings. If the dips have caused an impact on your portfolio, here’s the good news: there are ways to help mitigate such repercussions. 

One method is to deposit your crypto assets into interest accounts that would help you generate more yield on your crypto assets without having to actively do anything. Though there are several platforms that offer this service, Hodlnaut takes center stage with its high-interest rates, ease-of-use, and prime security measures in place. 

What is Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut was founded in 2019 with the goal of helping hodlers maximize the productivity of their crypto assets by earning interest on them. In the past two years, the Singapore-based platform has grown to a team of more than 20, with 10,000 users and an AUM of $500 million. 

At present, Hodlnaut supports six currencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Dai (DAI), and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). 

Why Should you #HODLwithHodlnaut?

Not only does Hodlnaut offer some of the highest interest rates in the market, it is also known to be a platform that provides value-adding features to help crypto investors create multiple sources of income by doing more with their assets. 

Ahead, we discuss three features of the platform to note. 

Earn up to 12.73% APY on Your Crypto

The main feature of Hodlnaut is its crypto interest account where users can earn up to 12.73% APY on their crypto assets. Any crypto asset deposited into the Interest Account will start earning interest at a compounded rate immediately. The interest is calculated daily and paid out weekly. You can choose to earn interest in the crypto of your choice from the six supported assets. The best part? There are no lock-in periods or minimum deposits!

With the Hodlnaut Interest Account, users are able to get the most out of their cryptocurrencies without having to wait for prices to appreciate before selling their crypto to receive the payout.  

Choose the Currency You Want to Earn 

Hodlnaut provides Token Swap and Preferred Interest Payout functions to offer users more flexibility and control over their crypto assets. The former allows users to swap tokens seamlessly on the platform without any additional costs. The latter, on the other hand, enables users to choose the currency in which they prefer earning interest in. This means that even if you deposit BTC, you can opt to earn in any of the six supported currencies such as USDC or DAI. 

These features act as a great alternative for investors to hedge against any price fluctuations since they are now able to earn in stablecoins! And with stablecoins having higher interest rates, this will enable investors to earn more yield on their crypto holdings. 

The Token Swap feature is available on both the iOS and web app while the Preferred Interest Payout function is only accessible via the website. 

Hodlnaut Referral Programs 

The great part about Hodlnaut is that each user will have a unique referral link that they can share with others. All they would need to do is invite a friend to join Hodlnaut using their link and earn 10% of their friend’s interest.

This allows them to create another source of passive income and earn more on their initial deposit. Furthermore, each friend referred will be eligible for a US$20 signup bonus in-kind if they deposit US$1000 equivalent in any asset class in their first deposit or in a single transaction 1 week from the first deposit. 

Currently, Hodlnaut has an Upsized User Referral Program that allows users to earn up to 1,040 USDC! Users with a referee that has passed the mandatory KYC verification process and deposited US$1,000 will receive a 40 USDC. For every additional referee after the first, the user will receive 20 USDC per new user.

Do note that to be eligible for this, all referees must pass the KYC verification process and deposit US$1000 equivalent in any asset class in their first deposit or in a single transaction 1 week from the first deposit. The program ends on 22 October, so be quick! 

Is Hodlnaut Safe to Use?

Hodlnaut has also taken various measures to ensure that the deposited funds are secured through two-factor authentication, as well as Fireblocks integration. The platform utilizes Fireblocks’ multi-party computation wallet infrastructure where each user will be assigned a unique address generated by Fireblocks. When cryptocurrencies are deposited with Hodlnaut via the unique address, they are received through the Fireblocks’ secure wallet infrastructure. On the backend, Hodlnaut will either transfer the cryptocurrencies to our self-custody cold wallets or lend them to borrowers.

Furthermore, users can only withdraw funds to whitelisted addresses, which restricts crypto withdrawals to a list of known addresses only to prevent any potential harm and threats. 

Hodlnaut also provides an optional insurance cover known as the Nexus Mutual Custody Cover. This will allow users to purchase insurance on their crypto assets. Though it is not mandatory, Hodlnaut has put in place this option to provide users with an alternative to safeguard their funds. 

Hodlnaut is also certified by the Singapore Fintech Association, a credential recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 

Start #HODLing now with Hodlnaut! 

If you’re looking for ways to earn passive income with your cryptocurrencies, Hodlnaut is a prime option for you to do so. It has a user-friendly mobile and web app interface, as well as a seamless signup process to make it easy for any individual to use. 

Hodlnaut also has some of the highest interest rates of up to 12.73% in the market, allowing individuals to make the most out of their crypto. Plus, with features such as the Token Swap and Preferred Interest Payout functions, users will have more control and flexibility over their crypto assets. 

Start making smarter financial decisions by earning more on your crypto with Hodlnaut. Sign up for an account and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.'
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