Doge beats Bitcoin & Ether to become the most searched cryptocurrency in the United States

  • Dogecoin leads the search trends with the highest searches in 23 states while others lag by a mile 
  • Bitcoin happen to follow second as the token was most searched in 10 states 
  • Shiba INU happened to be the most searched token in 7 states. 

The Epic meme token & Elon musk’s favorite joke currency, Dogecoin has supremely led & has become the most searched cryptocurrency in the United States. According to the analysis of Google Trends, it was revealed that Dogecoin is the only token that was looked at by more than any other cryptocurrency in 23 States, including Florida, Hawaii & New Jersey. 

A study conducted by a financial research firm, The Advisor Coach surveyed all over the country to find that particular cryptocurrency that allured a particular state in the country, based on search results. According to the report, around 7 million searches were witnessed in and around the domain content of Dogecoin in the month of October alone. At the time of writing the token is currently trading at $0.2234. 

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Meanwhile, Bitcoin happened to be the second most popular in terms of search results, leading ten states, including Alaska, Connecticut & New Hampshire. Recently the crypto king breached its previous all-time highs to create a new one, where it crossed the $68,000 mark while consequently maturing as an asset, thereby decreasing in volatility levels, however, BTC is trading at $56,166 during the time of writing. 

Ether’s most potent blockchain token has stood 3rd as far as search trends go in the United States; ETH leads its way in states like Georgia, Louisiana & Ohio. The token, too, trekked itself into new highs, trading at $4,800 levels earlier; however, the ETH is currently trading at $4,152 during the time of writing. 

While the Doge killer, Shib INU did sparkle and launch itself into the moon, thereby giving investors pleasure of investing more, profiting more & also proving it to be a great competitor to the canine crypto. However, in contrast to 23 states, Shiba INU led its search only in 7 States, becoming the 4th most searched crypto in the US. The token was more famous in states like New York, Texas, etc. 

Apart from pros, various other tokens like Lithium & Cardano led in states like Pennsylvania & Colorado, respectively, as most tokens have fared well due to various supportive conditions, including the inflation fears.      

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Steve Anderrson
Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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