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Damien Hirst Turns His Drake Album Art into 10,000 Ethereum NFTs

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Ethereum 2.0
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  • Craftsman Damien Hirst turned his new cover workmanship for Drake’s Certified Lover Boy collection into a progression of NFTs
  • There will be no minting or mining events or public sale of those 10,000 NFTs
  • The new NFTs were airdropped for nothing to holders of Hirst’s The Currency assortment, which was dispatched in July 

Albeit troublesome, the cover craftsmanship for rapper Drake’s most recent collection Certified Lover Boy stands separated from those of his peers, highlighting a framework of the iOS pregnant lady emoticon in 12 distinctive complexions. 

Presently the craftsman behind the cover, acclaimed English provocateur Damien Hirst, has transformed it into a progression of NFTs. 

Be that as it may, there’s no stamping occasion or public deal for the 10,000 Ethereum NFT collectibles, which Hirst has named Great Expectations. 

All things considered, the NFTs were airdropped for nothing to holders of Hirst’s earlier NFT assortment The Currency, which was dispatched in July. 

Each 10,000 pieces feature the same grid of 12 depictions of pregnant women

All that done well is workmanship, Hirst tweeted Thursday. With Drake’s help and gift, they’ve made this free Thanksgiving present for all Currency NFT holders; it’s inexactly founded on the collection cover I made for Drake. 

Every one of the 10,000 pieces includes a similar essential lattice of 12 silly portrayals of pregnant ladies. 

However, in Hirst’s new wind, the workmanship style has changed, and every lady differs as far as shading range, foundation, hair, and frill like satchels and party caps. A portion of the ladies even have a skull instead of a face. 

Hirst defined the formation of Great Expectations across a progression of tweets. Like generally extraordinary craftsmanship, it looks simple, he composes, noticing that he needed it to be pop, high, and low workmanship and that it needed to be amusing while at the same time staying famous.


Hirst received 67,023 purchase requests for the 10,000 NFTs

Many Great Expectations holders are now attempting to flip their free NFTs, as per postings on driving NFT commercial center OpenSea. The least expensive accessible NFT in the set is as of now recorded above 1.1 ETH, or about $4,500. 

A NFT or non-fungible symbolic goes about as a deed of proprietorship to a computerized thing, empowering provable shortage for things like advanced delineations, profile pictures, video documents, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

The NFT market has expanded throughout the span of 2021, including $10.67 billion worth of exchanging volume Q3 per information from DappRadar. Ethereum is the main stage for NFT collectibles. 

Hirst, perhaps the best living contemporary artist, dispatched The Currency in July, making 10,000 actual spot compositions and transforming each into a NFT. 

At a cost of $2,000 each, purchasers could decide to keep the NFT form or consume (obliterate) it in return for the actual rendition. Any actual artworks not recovered by July 27, 2022 will be scorched.

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