Tech giant Google reveals cryptocurrency miners are hacking into cloud accounts for their mining activities

Search engine giant Google recently issued a warning to the public, especially the cryptocurrency fanatics out there, that some crypto miners are utilizing hacked accounts in Google Cloud. It is said that these individuals are using it for computationally-rigorous mining purposes.  

Google Cloud hack by cryptocurrency miners  

In an official press release on Wednesday, Google’s security team gave information about the recent breach in security. In the report dubbed “Threat Horizons,” it is said that it focuses on giving intel allowing firms in maintaining their cloud environments safe and sound.  

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As part of the report’s executive summary, Google noted that they’ve noticed “malicious actors” that have been doing crypto mining within hacked instances of the Cloud.  

Cryptocurrency proponents are well-aware that the mining of such digital assets is a for-profit venture that requires huge amounts of computing power, in which users of Google Cloud can gain access for a price. For the uninitiated, this cloud service of the tech giant is a remote storage platform where users can store their data and other files off-site.  

That many, that quick  

It was revealed that 86 percent of the 50 hacked accounts in Google Cloud are said to have been utilized to do some crypto mining operations. Further, it was also discovered that the majority of these Cloud breaches saw crypto mining software being downloaded in just a matter of 22 seconds by the time the account got hacked.  

Bitcoin (BTC), on the other hand, has been heavily criticized for its huge consumption of energy for it to be mined. This is albeit the fact that cryptocurrency continues to dominate the digital asset landscape. BTC gobbles up so much energy that mining is believed to consume more power than the entirety of some countries. In line with this, back in May, authorities in the United Kingdom have raided what is suspected to be a cannabis farm only to find out that it was an illegal bitcoin mining operation.  

Google Cloud’s Security Editor Seth Rosenblatt and Director of the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer Bob Mechler stated in a blog post that the landscape in terms of cloud threat this year was more complicated than just being a rogue crew of crypto miners. 

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