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Best top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins below $0.5 to invest for 2022

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Metaverse Crypto Coins
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Want to know which Metaverse crypto coins cost less than $0.5 but will skyrocket in 2022?

2021 has been both sweet and sour for Metaverse coin but even crypto skeptics expect that Metaverse cryptocurrencies will skyrocket this year, particularly those that have yet to undergo a parabolic price spike. 

These are our top five meta-verse cryptocurrencies that are expected to touch the sky and have excellent long-term potential in 2022.

[ 1 ] WAX (WAXP)  –  0.42 USD

What is WAX?

WAX, which was first released in 2017, is now one of the most popular blockchains for Metaverse crypto projects. The Worldwide Asset eXchange TM (WAX) is a strong economy that includes for-sale games, NFT markets, and dozens of popular apps.

Why invest in WAX?

Because it employs the Proof-of-Stake consensus process, WAX is the world’s most ecologically friendly gaming metaverse and blockchain. WAXP is the platform’s native coin and the native token of the WAX blockchain.

WAX is home to several popular Metaverse games, including Alien Worlds, Farming Tales, Prospectors, R-Planet, Prospectors, and many more.

The WAX cloud wallet makes it exceedingly simple and intuitive to start using dApps on the platform without the requirement of extensions or third-party programs. I also recommend that you look at WAX if you want to play some of the best Metaverse crypto games available.

WAXP can be traded on exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex,, and others.

[2] Alien Worlds (TLM) – 0.17 USD

What is Alien worlds?

Alien Worlds, an NFT blockchain-based browser game integrated into the WAX and BSC blockchains, was published in December 2020 and has quickly become one of the most popular Metaverse crypto games.

Why invest in Alien worlds?

Alien Worlds is all about allowing users to mine planets for Trillium, real-world money. Users may purchase NFTs and create a custom mining version to obtain TLM and various collectibles.

Investing in TLM for periods ranging from 1 to 12 weeks and hiring spaceships to carry out “missions” is one of the best ways to make money right now with Alien Worlds. Each mission is practically a bet for users to safeguard their TLM and win a significant prize at the end of the quest.

[3]Veracity (VRA) – 0.02 USD

What is Veracity?

Verasity is a platform developed in 2019 with the purpose of marrying the best features of blockchain technology with Esports. It is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to earn VRA tokens by watching movies using its own Proof-of-View protocol.

Why invest in veracity?

The VRA PoV protocol ensures that video transmission is authentic and not the result of bots. Advertisers profit from more qualified visitors, while publishers benefit from more revenue.

Verasity now consists of three components: VeraWallet, VeraEsports, and VeraViews.

VeraWallet is an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet. VeraEsports intends to leverage blockchain technology to help Esports expand more quickly. VeraViews is an ad platform that gives consumers VRA tokens in exchange for watching movies.

[4] Blocktopia (BLOK)  –  0.04 USD

What is Blocktopia?

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse built and supported by the Polygon network, which debuted in October 2021. Using Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most powerful real-time 3D creative engine, Bloktopia will be able to create some of the highest quality metaverses ever created.

Why invest in Blocktopia?

Bloktopia has built a 21-story structure to commemorate the completion of Bitcoin’s token supply. Bloktopians are the inhabitants of Bloktopia, and the platform will enable gamers to earn money in a number of ways. Users will be able to earn money through real estate ownership, casino games, and advertising revenue.

[5] Radio Caca (RACA) – 0.002 USD

What is RACA?

Radio Caca is a global DAO controlled by Internet natives that began operating in August 2021. RACA is also the NFT manager for Maye Musk’s (Elon Musk’s mother) mystery box and the native token of the Universal Metaverse (USM).

Why invest in RACA?

RACA’s USM Metaverse is a 3D virtual planetary realm in which individuals may own property, construct constructions, and engage in a variety of activities.

RACA is now offering the P2E Metamon game, which was released in October 2021. When RACA’s Metaverse debuts its mainnet in June 2022, Metamon will be part of USM as a 3D experience.

Overall RACA has a positive outlook and you can trade RACA in  PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Poloniex.

Disclaimer- This information is solely for educational purposes and we are not liable for any loss of assets. Readers are advised to do research before investing.

Steve Anderrson

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