Create, Play and Earn in MOBOX MOMOverse, For Freeee!!!

  • MOBOX is a GameFi platform driven by the community authorizing the users by offering  them rewards as they engage in games and play.
  • Three things that sets MOBOX apart is its MOBOX DAG, Game Creator and NFT Creator, where users can show their creativity and earn through it.
  • MBOX is the indigenous token of MOBOX, which was trending at the price of $3.97, down by 3.4% in the previous 24 hours, as the article was being written.

Free to Play, Play to Earn

MOBOX is an ecosystem which offers a F2P and P2E environment to the users. It is a GameFi platform driven by its community sanctioning users by providing rewards for their involvement in the games on the platform. Allocation of the native token MBOX is utilized by the platform to escalate the participation as well as entertainment of the players.

A game-changing token economic system is utilized by MOBOX, integrating the benefits of Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Finance, and also utilizes game systems and monetary mechanisms for the empowerment of the players, making a truly distinct ecosystem for the players, offering play to earn and free to play environment for long term.

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As of now, the MOBOX ecosystem has 3.1 Million registered users, NFT Trade volume of $277.7 Million, 1.1 Million minted NFTs, and have experienced the highest NFT sales of $0.6 Million.

What Sets MOMOverse Apart?

NFT Creator

Through the NFT creators, the users are allowed to show their creativity and create NFTs in-game. The players are enabled to mint and design the NFTs according to their wish by utilizing the resources available in the ecosystem, which will also have the in-game utility. The original creators will be receiving trading fees for lifetime for their creations in the ecosystem.

Game Creator

If you want to release your blockchain game, MOMOverse is available, where you can launch it very easily. By simply utilizing APIs, the game devs are able to make good use of every resource offered by the MOMOverse, which also involves an ecosystem of play to earn and free to play, MOMO non-fungible tokens and many more things. Have an astounding game? Don’t know how to utilize it? Explore the Metafund of MOBOX.


The users in the MOMOverse can create as well as organize their own DAGs or Decentralized Autonomous Guilds. By utilizing trustless smart contracts players can begin their own communities, share resources for non-fungible tokens, grow their own treasury, and earn while having fun.


Games in MOMOverse

Block Brawl

A real time casual thriller game, players in the game can acquire talent points, skill gems, and equipment, by doing different tasks and create strategies for combat, via development of skills, equipment and talent. Defeat the bosses by showing your skills or play with friends to show who the real boss is.

Token Master

A turn based game where you can examine how good your MOMOs are. Breach the spaces of your enemies or friends and steal as much loot as you can. The conqueror on the top will be rewarded by MBOX.

Trade Action

The game simply offers 3 distinct trade modes that are suitable for the fresh players who are new to the trade market too. Three modes contain Simple Trade, LeverageMania, Bull vs Bear. In simple trade, players will thrive for the maximum profit. LeverageMania is a future trading simulation and in order to produce profits, leverages are applied by the players. Bull vs Bear is a forecasting game for predicting price, and contains a single round, reward is given to the top player.

More games are available in the MOMOverse, which the players can explore by visiting the website.

MOMO Roadmap

Q4 2020

Couple of phases have been achieved that included Stage 1 development of the platform and introduction of centralized and decentralized wallets in the fourth quarter of 2020. 

Q1 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, Alpha release of MOBOX was completed, yield farming was optimized, smart contracts for NFTs were completed, F2P and P2E mechanism was introduced. 

Q2 2021

Official release of the P2E and F2P platform was completed, Token Master was released, MOMO NFT DEX was introduced, yield farming contracts were optimized for an increased yield.

Q3 2021

In the third quarter of 2021, MOBOX was listed on a major exchange and became available in multiple pools for mining, Legendary NFT was introduced. The Block Brawler game and the NFT creator are developed.

Q4 2021

The tactical party slayer game was to be introduced in the fourth quarter with the introduction of the game creator. Chatting systems are available in the game for interaction. Partnering with the Tier 1 IP for legendary NFT of MOBOX is to be done The DAO voting platform is to be introduced.

Q1 2022

In the first quarter, third party devs will be onboarded for the utilization of APIs, expansion of Tier 1 IP for legendary NFT will be done.

Q2 2022

Expansion regarding Legendary NFT will be continued, achievement systems will be expanded for escalating retention and user engagement, and APIs will be optimized with publisher NFT Id for tracking revenue share.

MOMO Tokenomics

Out of 1 Billion MBOX tokens allocation will take place over a course of 5 years, 400 Million will be allocated in the first year, 51% of the tokens will be dispersed to the community, 21% will be given to the contributors, 8% will be received by the strategic partners, 20% will be retained by the team of MOBOX. 

The MOBOX Chain

A distinct NFT POS network of blockchain, regulated by the assets of the games. A carbon neutral and a game changing blockchain, where the collected NFTs will work as nodes on the blockchain network of MOBOX, offering near instance transactions to the users. The concept is yet to come, and is expected to launch in the near future.

What to Expect by MOBOX?

Personally speaking, MOMOverse is the most mesmerizing concept I’ve ever came across. With games like Token master reflecting CoC like gameplay, it is really fun to play the games, while generating profitability, what more would a gamer want. The concept is just astounding and growing rapidly, and is expected to engage with more audiences in the coming years.

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Steve Anderson is an Australian crypto enthusiast. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.

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