Mark Cuban reveals 80% of his investments are in Crypto & Shark Tank

Billionaire Mark Cuban stated in a recent interview about his interests in cryptocurrencies, investments and his thoughts

Recently famous investor and business tycoon Mark Cuban attended a podcast hosted by comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. In the conversation with Jon, Mark Cuban stated his thoughts and positive responses regarding crypto industries.

During the conversation, Mark revealed that now-a-days his investments are more not in traditional businesses. The investments are now more towards the non-traditional businesses, which includes his shark tanks investment and investments on Crypto space. According to Mark, his 80% of non-Shark Tank Investment is in or around crypto market and cryptocurrencies. This is a huge statement to make, which clearly shows his interest towards Crypto.Mark Cuban is 63 years old multi billionaire, investor and successful businessman. He is also owner of an NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, he runs a media company and also appears as a judge in the famous TV show Shark Tank.

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Mark Cuban about Crypto

During the podcast, Mark told Jon about how crypto investments are different from regular investment in Stocks. In crypto you can’t do price speculation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Mark stated further that the specifications of being decentralized and trustless are crypto’s strength. The fact that a token is the sign of governance inside the community and it gives power to vote for the forward movements and directions of each project. 

Mark’s thoughts about Crypto and organizations working in its field are that they will soon replace the working of traditional institutions like finance and bankings. DAO’s will form kinds of businesses that are decentralized and further run and boost the crypto economy. The features like Smart Contracts and Validators will change the way traditional businesses work. They will disrupt the industries and business running on those systems will be more efficient.

Mark believes that crypto is still in its very young age and it needs more time to evolve. He compared today’s condition of skepticism about Crypto industries with what people feel about the Internet in 1995. According to Mark, Cryptocurrencies are hard to understand even today but it will not be the scenario after ten years. The use of crypto will be too normalized as the internet today. The young generation works in the field of internet and holds expertise in internet related works, Soon the coming generation will be used to crypto and its technology and will work proficiently in the field as well.

Marks about investments

Marks was not the someone who praised Crypto, from the beginning. He used to say that he would buy a banana instead of BTC. But his viewpoint had changed gradually and his investments since then made remarks. His investments backed Polygon (MATIC) and he was often vocal for regulations on stablecoins. 

Apart from this his crypto investment portfolio is diverse which consists of different cryptocurrencies and digital assets. His investments include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many others. He thinks about Ether that it has more potential to move upside and it will perform well in 2022. Further for investments, Mark suggests the usual principle of investing, Invest only that much you can afford to lose. He warns that they are volatile and risky and one should be speculative about his investments. 

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