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What Cardano Blockchain is going through and why’s it creating panic among users ?

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  • Cardano is said to be the most prominent contender called ‘Ethereum Killer.’
  • Recently decentralized exchange Sundaeswap has been added to the network, and Cardano based NFT marketplace is working on its development.
  • Currently, its token ADA is trading at $1.04 per token.
  • Cardano network staying at sixth position in terms of the market capitalization of more than $34 billion

Recent issues experienced on the network

A newly launched NFT marketplace on Cardano blockchain has recently closed its artist applications first round. But before completing the round with transaction finality, the network started facing congestion. Situations have gone worse than ever before. If the congestion rate remains more than 85% for five minutes, it is considered a severe issue, and in the case of recent Cardano Congestion, it went up to 92.8%, which is an all-time high recorded value. 

Efforts to counter the issues

However, the platform has provided the necessary features to figure out the issue. There will be a re-sync button that needs to be clicked in case of an error popping up during a transaction process for any process, be it buying, selling or listing any item. The error might be saying “Oops, something went wrong,” for which the re-sync button has been provided.

Still, if it might not work and won’t solve the issue, it would be an indication for blockchain load to be more than 95%, and in that case, the respective transaction may take around two hours. A notice has been added on the NFT marketplace informing users about any issues on the platform, and in case of issues not getting resolved, users will get access to the frequently asked questions section. On top of that, if all that doesn’t work, in that case, users can go to the discord and report about the issue. 

Earlier congestion on the network

Recent Cardano Blockchain congestion might not be surprising for the users as it’s not the first time for the network to face such issues. Earlier it went through the same kind of situation at the network’s exchange Sundaeswap mainnet launch.

Soon after its launch on Thursday, the exchange started facing issues, and users had started mentioning it on different platforms, be it Twitter or discord. Although at the time of launch, the team has announced the possibilities of issues faced due to heavy engagements.

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