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The Launch Of The ICICB Chain To Unravel A New Era Of Blockchain Technology

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  • ICICB Group, a UAE-based financial services company headquartered in Dubai, unveiled that it will be launching the ICICB Chain.
  • The ICICB Group aims to develop the “world’s best blockchain” that provides users fast processing speed at affordable costs.
  • The ICICB, in another exciting announcement, said that the rollout of the ICICB ecosystem currently includes ICICB Wallet, ICICB Bridge, ICICB Coin, ICICB games, the ICICB decentralized exchange (DEX), the ICICB decentralized exchange (DEX), and the Metaverse by ICICB.

ICICB Group To Bring Revolution In The Blockchain Technology With The Roll-out Of ICICB Chain

ICICB Group launches the ICICB Chain to bring the world’s exciting blockchain network to life.

Bitcoin’s journey since its inception has been fierce. From being a much-maligned currency used in the digital space to a growing global reserve currency to be adopted as a legal tender in El Salvador.

There is no doubt that Blockchain technology has come a long way since Bitcoin’s introduction of the energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism, which is highly secure but has slow transaction speeds and high costs. 

In this light, the ICICB has disclosed the launch of ICICIB Chain dubbed “world’s best blockchain”, specially built to empower the fast-growing ecosystem of ICICB, simultaneously covering Bitcoin’s drawback by rendering users fast processing speed with inexpensive fees. Besides, it also aims to rejuvenate the comprehensive user engagement experience across different industries. 

The ICICB group is leveraging the knowledge and experience gained from their collaboration on Atari Chain and the Atari Token with Atari. It intends to develop the world’s most advanced network to date and to lead additional technological milestones.

A global investment holding company, ICICB Group, is based in Dubai and has 114 branches worldwide that aid in providing financial and banking services to more than 26 countries around the globe. This it performs under its mission to aid in the advancement of development of digital technology, which can be accommodated in people’s everyday lives, improving sustainability and efficiency.

The development of the ICICB Chain and its broader ecosystems is the consequence of the organization’s expanded goal to increase blockchain technology’s rapid adoption and capabilities.

The clients, investors, and stakeholders of the ICICB group will be able to leverage the latest emerging opportunities provided by a blockchain with the launch of the ICICB Chain.

ICICB Chain Is Offering 50,000 Transactions Per Second

It can be said that ICICB has successfully achieved its aim as the network is capable of 

processing 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) for just $0.0000008 per transaction, the lowest transfer fee in the world.

ICICB group has also announced the launch of the ICICB ecosystem that presently includes ICICB Bridge, ICICB Wallet, ICICB Coin, the ICICB decentralized exchange (DEX), ICICB games, the ICICB decentralized exchange (DEX), and the Metaverse by ICICB. This step taken by the ICICB group is to match its rapidly growing network.

The network has not stopped yet. In another fascinating revelation, the network has announced that the work-in-progress is the development of Cosmos, a virtual metaverse built to surpass the various other metaverse projects in the market. 

In addition to allowing users access to the ICICB Marketplace to buy real-world goods with NFTs such as clothes, vehicles, furniture, and other items, Cosmos will also enable users to own virtual land, vote in the virtual government, take part in various activities and a lot more.

The next level in the evolution of blockchain technology will be unlocked with the release of the ICICB Chain. Through the latest blockchain, the world will witness a protocol capable of fulfilling the varied needs of human civilization as the digital age continues to move forward. 

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