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Best Potential Tokens in 2022!

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tokens 2022
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We know the thirst of looking for potential crypto tokens brought you here. Your search ends here, as here are some of our picks that you should check out. These could be the best performing tokens in the upcoming year, so we suggest you keep an eye on them as well.

Although on a Disclaimer note, the projects presented here are our take of ‘would be well-performing digital assets’. This is not advice to buy them or not a piece of persuasive information. Purchasing or trading any token depends on your will and risk appetite. If that’s very, very clear to you, let’s move on to have a look over some of our picks regarding — ‘Best Potential Tokens in 2022’

Electroneum (ETN) — Electroneum blockchain provides instant payment services on its platform. The network has an app with the same name to provide mobile-friendly cryptocurrency services. It has its own token ETN as well. 

Most interesting part of the blockchain network is its mobile application which is so light that it allows mining of its coin on smartphones. There were over 2.7 million downloads of the app, as reported. The UK based project focuses on providing secured and fast crypto transactions with minimum gas fees. 

Its token, ETN, is currently priced at $0.007 per token. In November 2017, ETN was trading at its all-time high of $0.23 even though it had seen its minimum low of $0.0014 in march 2020. Still, because of its potential and growing number of users, it’s considered a project with much potential.

Celer Network (CELR) — A strong team of specialized and outstanding experienced engineers formed the network in 2018. Celer is not a separate blockchain; instead, it’s a networked system. Its founders thought that in-house solutions might not produce results when it comes to decentralized blockchains in the future. They focused on scalability to increase the output of blockchains. 

Out of 10 billion CELR tokens, over 6 billion are presently in supply. CELR was trading at an all-time high of $0.19 in Sep 2021, whereas it was at its all-time low of $0.001 in Mar 2020. Currently, it’s trading around $0.05 per token, which is a considerable amount to enter Celer Network. 

Pancake Bunny (BUNNY) — It’s a protocol that provides auto compounding benefits to farmers. Farmers on protocol take permission to reinvest yield and auto summation on their behalf with the help of the mono-contracts feature. 

PancakeBunny is among the largest ETH and BSC yield aggregators in total value locked. The Defi yield aggregator and optimizer supports Binance Smart Chain for PancakeSwap and Venus.

Protocol has its token BUNNY, trading at $0.42, which recently touched its all-time low of $0.37. Its potential can be understood by looking at its all-time high of $553. Out of its total supply of 910k, the current supply is 510k tokens. 

Cajutel (CAJ) —   The company has Swiss ownership, working to provide internet to localities and let them connect to the world. The Cajutel Sarl belongs to a West African country on the Atlantic Coast named Guinea-Bissau. 

The West African region has many people who don’t have access to the internet. In percentage, the number goes to 98% of people without the internet. This is because of high prices and lack of bandwidth. The company’s goal is to tap this market, having a huge user base untapped yet. 

After trading at $158 in Mar 2019, token CAJ has traded at its lowest of $0.09. However, it is currently trading at $1.28.

Chia (XCH) — Delaware based company Chia Network uses its own designed custom programming language Chialisp. The network runs on a unique consensus mechanism of ‘proof of space and time’. 

Users of Chia blockchain, termed as farmers, can seed their unused space remain on their storage such as hard-disk by software installation which stores cryptographic numbers collection on it called ‘plots’. Specifications of Chia Network are all these details mentioned above, its language and energy-intensive consensus mechanism.

Chia network token XCH has a total supply of 22 million, and the current supply is 3 million. The all-time high it attained was $1934 per token, which recently dropped to $68. Currently, it’s around it and trading at $80 per XCH token.


Pirate Chain (ARRR) — The blockchain claims to be the most anonymous cryptocurrency, truly a private and decentralized blockchain. The network uses a privacy protocol that is safe from any compromise by any other user activity. It is because of blockchain’s complex programming, riddled with optional privacy holes. 

Blockchain technology is seen as a private network itself where privacy is considered a default feature. On top of that, Pirate Chain takes this privacy to another level, which makes it a potential project in upcoming times. 

The network has token ARRR, currently valued at $0.71, which is relatively higher than its lowest of $0.012 in May 2020. However, the token had shown its best when trading at $16.9 in Apr 2021.

Powerledger (POWR) — Australian technology company Powerledger is well known for its software built for distributed and decentralized energy markets, which focuses on a sustainable future. The exciting thing about the network is its energy tracking and trading features, environmental commodities and flexibility services. 

Powerledger is a platform provider for a modernized, market-driven power grid that offers consumers energy of their choice, keeping the principle of decentralization at the core.

The company has clients from more than 30 different companies across 11 countries. The energy-focused blockchain operates on two layers of blockchain and hence uses two different tokens that are POWR and Sparkz tokens. POWR token is currently trading at $0.56, which is relatively higher than its lowest trading price of $0.03 but still some 71% lower than ATH of $2. 


The views and opinions stated by the author, or any people named in this article, are for informational ideas only, and they do not establish financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in or trading crypto assets comes with a risk of financial loss.

Steve Anderrson

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