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Black Mirror a Netflix anthology series portrays the reality of metaverse


Metaverse, the evolving technology is becoming a new way of interaction. If we follow our current technological advancements with the introduction of Web3.0, it seems technologies like artificial intelligence and metaverses have begun to take shape. Large firms like Adidas Originals and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) are making projects in these new innovations. However, Black Mirror, a Netflix anthology series has portrayed metaverses. Following such futuristic advancements, and was portrayed by the series many are either terrified or excited or concerned about how much is everything going to take.

Is metaverse the future of social media?

As the metaverses are evolving, Mark Zuckerberg announced his corporate rebranding under the name Meta. Zuckerberg visions to create a digital place where individuals across the world can interact with one another. Moreover, he believes that the future of social media is already headed towards the metaverse with augmented reality. Notably, games like Pokemon Go and social media avatars have already highlighted the way we are moving.

Following such visions of Zucerberg, many are bullish on these metaverse projects. But many are also speculating. If anyone has seen the Black Mirror they have already figured out the parallel between such visions of the Facebook co-founder and what went down in the Netflix show.

Are these metaverses a villain tech?

According to the Law on Accelerated returns, it is notable how rapid technological progress is increasing over time. Experts believe that at the right rate we expect to see enormous evolutions and developments in the future in technological revolutions.

Metaverse is emerging as millennial innovation that has tremendous potential and offers opportunities to everyone across the ecosystem. However, it is concerning that following these advancements we are breaking away from reality. We need to comprehend that such technological developments are indeed helping us simplify our daily lives but are also damaging ourselves and our nature.

Large firms are introducing new ideas and ways that would help us grow. But we need to note that these firms are trying to grasp the projects and enjoy the larger chunk of the cake. Especially when it is about metaverses, we can imagine these worlds are much more powerful advertising spaces with much more realistic ads that could be shown directly to people.

Simultaneously, Black Mirror, the series have portrayed a world that strictly operates in social media impressions and ratings. A space where everyone has to embrace the smart lens technology and record everything they see and experience. It is really exciting, as we can relive any moment we love or go to any work meeting in our mind. But then the show takes a darker turn, and shows the impacts of such innovations.

Do Black Mirror portray what we are going to witness?

In the episode Nosedive, it is portrayed a character who wants to receive a high rating to get her housing loan application approved. In the world, where impressions and ratings were more significant than anything, the character did almost everything to get her ratings up until she loses everything in the end.

We should be thankful that there are always some financial and merchant loans available to assist us. We do not need to be dependent on our social profiles.

Besides, another episode of the series, San Junipero has also won major television awards. Notably, it is the first one that has a happy ending. The episode name is  based on the AR’s name, where people are allowed to design their younger versions as avatars similar to what we can today do in a metaverse. 

Cleverly, the episode is set to make viewers think that it is a nostalgic and romantic love story. At the last few moments of the episode, it was observed that characters are now already old and dying in the real world. Then  we found that many users have already passed away in the real world but they were still living their lives in the virtual world.

The most notable part was that the episode ends with a big and countless servers with blinking lights. The ending symbolized how each soul was uploaded on the cloud.

Black Mirror is a symbol for human awareness

There is always truth in art. It is horrifying if we are going to witness something similar to what was portrayed in the Netflix series. Black Mirror has become a symbol for human awareness, which explains that if we do not play our cards right, we can end up in a tech-based unpleasant muddle.

Although the vision of Mark Zuckerberg is as promising and innovative as ever, it is upon us to manage and move without destroying our lives and nature. Metaverse will offer things that would be beyond imagination, but the idea of getting so much attracted that we forget about our real existence is truly inevitable.

As we step in the metaverse, we should know how to distinguish what the truth is. Technology aims to run after the truth, let us not tear us apart from reality. 

If we damage ourselves with notable pace, technological progress can slow down or even stop. Or maybe everything would reverse. Whatever we witness today, and the devices that we used some decades ago, today’s world would have been dreams then.


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