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What Is Catgirl (CATGIRL) Crypto?

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Catgirl project was initiated in quarter 3 of 2021 as a community-powered NFT crypto asset, utilized in the physical world. The makers are doing their best to make their users happy and escalate their perks for CATGIRL holders via deflationary and immediate rewards.

As per its official website, folks can put their hands on authentic NFT collectibles on the official workshop. The team mainly sheds light on skillful artists and designers who have contributed in the creation of Catgirls and several visuals.

The platform’s developers know that the general audience thinks of the project as a meme-coin, but they also note their aspiration towards investments and initiatives.

Catgirls has a transparent notion and practical roadmap available on their website. The organization is young, and was launched back in May 2021, the prime objective of developers is to launch the product and make something of themselves for the bright future of CATGIRL coin.

Who Are The Brains Behind CATGIRL?

The Catgirl project was discovered by 3 folks who want to remain anonymous for now.

The team includes a web developer and graphic designer having a 4-year experience in the field of web development utilizing JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and 9 years of experience in graphic designing.

Another individual is the marketing head, who is a writer accountable for social media management and content creation. He is also an artist and makes authentic characters, has experience in social advertising campaigns and Search Engine Optimization, and has released a number of well-liked anime projects during the initiation of Instagram persistence.

Finally, the leading developer is a professional having 10 years of experience in software development and having a plethora of knowledge in numerous programming languages.

What Makes Catgirl Distinct From Others?

Catgirl project was initiated with an objective of initiating NFT to a broader audience, involving users with its mesmerizing theme orientation and interface to anime culture.

Undoubtedly, Catgirl has features of a meme-coin, but other than that, the coin represents more of an NFT, and the developers majorly focus on to create a complete gaming platform, and not an attraction for mass marketing. 

The project claims that blending the mix of anime and cryptocurrencies in the crypto sector will lure more opportunities in NFT space and unleash a distinct era.

Core aim of the developers is to blend DeFi, blockchain tech, and gaming mechanics to lure attention to NFT and take it to the next level.

Catgirl team desires to distinguish their platform for their contenders, this is why they cherish the utilization of crypto assets in the tangible world and enables CATGIRL holders to utilize the asset for entertainment motive.

CAT is an abbreviation where C means Curiosity (developers are continuously gaining knowledge regarding the improvement of their project), A means Act (The developers are working, processing, and moving towards their desired objective), T means Trust (Catgirl is constantly making sure that there’s maximum trust among the community and the developers).

What Is CatiVerse?

Catgirl developers have made their own digital universe under the title CatiVerse, that involves a Social (a sector where folks are able to interact with each other), Farming (where folks can stake their Catgirl Non-Fungible Tokens to receive CATGIRL), Workshop (an element of the project where owners can redesign their Catgirls), and Marketplace (which is a place to trade and exchange Catgirl NFTs)

Apart from this, the project will feature a Mystery Box, for gathering Catgirl NFTs, in these boxes, numerous items of various rarities can be collected.

How Secure Is Catgirl Network?

No pre-sale was initiated for the Catgirl tokens, just a normal release with a 1 year locked Liquidity Pool. Solidity Finance audited the project.

The organization got enlisted in the beginning of 2021. In brief: Solidity Finance LLC offers an affordable but extensive smart contract auditing facility.

How Can You Buy Catgirl Coin?

If folks want to buy CATGIRL coin, then they can access different markets it is available on, and follow these steps through Trust Wallet.

  • If you don’t have Trust Wallet, Make sure to install it in your device.
  • There, you need to have BNB in your account, against which you will acquire Catgirl on BSC. 
  • Select dApps in the wallet or its browser, and search for PancakeSwap. For iOS users, use safari browser.
  • Link Trust Wallet to Pancake Swap.
  • Now choose Trade and make sure that you have selected the exchange. 
  • Moving ahead, folks will have to choose BNB for swapping. Copy and paste the Catgirl token wallet address against the BNB tab, where address will automatically recognize Catgirl.
  • Now both the tokens are ready for swapping. Enter the desired amount of BNB you want to exchange and select Swap.
  • Confirm the Swap. And it’s done.

Catgirl Live Price Data

As this article was being written, CATGIRL was trading at a market price of $0.000000001462, bullish by 7.13% in past 24 hours.

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