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Minecraft Players Will Soon Become Eligible To Bag Alien Worlds’ TLM

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  • Best selling game in history of gaming sector, which counts over 170 active players all over the globe, will soon be able to receive TLM (Trilium).
  • Alien Worlds is among the most intensive P2E metaverse platforms and blockchain games and a steady game in DappRadar top 5 games since 2020.
  • As of this writing, Alien Worlds’ TLM was trading at a market value of $0.1268, bullish by 0.47% in previous 24 hours.

Good News For Minecraft Players

Operating on both WAX blockchain as well as BNB chain, Alien Worlds lures around half a million distinct active wallets every month.

In game, users are able to gather and trade distinct virtual items in form of non-fungible tokens, mine different planets in search of resources, stake TLM, pursue missions on distinct planets, voting in elections and become nominee for planetary advisory.

GAme’s 6 planet DAOs contend against each other for TLM, which motivates user collaboration.

Source: DappRadar

Latest interoperability bridge to Minecraft must have a knock-on effect in conventional and blockchain gaming worlds. Bridge is going to boost entry of non-blockchain gamers into metaverse of Alien Worlds.

Conventional gamers can now dive into the ocean of P2E and bag assets, here, Trillium (TLM), and soon, non-fungible tokens for finishing game quests. Then interchange their virtual assets and receive real world value by getting included in the economy of Alien Worlds.

Minecraft players will be eligible to to bag TLM token and stake it on 1 out of 6 Alien Worlds Planet DAOs, but are taking part in competitive, collaborative, and elevated strategic environment of Alien Worlds metaverse.

Furthermore, it is believed that, Alien Worlds’ blend of team strategy, earning and economics will transform Minecraft gamers of all ages into Web3 gamers.

Blockchain Gaming On Peak Of Sector

Metaverse projects and blockchain games could not avoid macro trends which pulled the crypto sector down in first quarter of 2022. Nevertheless, Blockchain game’s routine activity went down by only 13% during February, and lured over 1.1 Million daily distinct active wallets on an average, responsible for 49% of dApp utility overall.

 In similar way, digital worlds are witnessing a consolidation period after Meta hype cycle, making this type of decentralized app’s status robust. As the space is all set for further development, other top gaming projects are making themselves robust to make a stand.

Axie Infinity is all set for vital changes to its ecosystem, which involves anticipated launch of the Origin season, fee structure transformation, and much dynamic gameplay.

While Gala Games just finished off a governance vote to involve Superior, a co-op TPS, in its game catalog. Furthermore, revival of another Gala project, TownStar, might also translate into a substantial leap in act to farm simulation game.

These updates provides more opportunities to get hands-on experiences with a few most well-liked game dApps.

The community is free to explore gaming tokens as well as projects on DappRadar to gain live information regarding the gaming sector.

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