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Web3 a Worse Web2: Tom Bilyeu -talks about web 3 and impact theory

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Tom Billieu, the founder of Impact Theory, discussed Wallet-Aware technology and the role Web3 will play in the future of entertainment and gaming with Nicole Behnum, Web3 consultant and founding partner of 8Comas, at NFT LA.

Breaking free from skeuomorphic assumptions could help reveal Web3’s actual potential for highly engaging gaming experiences, according to Belieu, a successful entrepreneur, and storyteller known for his digital-first company, Impact Theory.

Many of the personal development themes used in popular films such as The Matrix, Star Wars, The Karate Kid, Rocky, and others may be found in the studio’s original material.

Belieu collaborated with Steve Aoki, an EDM DJ, and NFT aficionado, on his Neon Future NFT line last year. Last week, Aoki also attended NFT LA.

What will eventually become the Metaverse?

As he continues to grow Impact Theory’s project portfolio, Behnum asks Billieu to explain ‘Wallet Aware,’ one of the numerous terms Billieu has coined within the Web3 sector.

Behnam is a founding partner of 8Commas and the founder of Beyond Media, where she blends storytelling and passion in her many important engagements in the web3 area. She is a Hollywood journalist-turned-entrepreneur and Web3 consultant.

Billieu feels that Ernest Cline’s science-fiction novel Ready Player One, published in 2011, provides vital insight into what will eventually become the Metaverse.

“Web3 is a reincarnation of Web2”

While guests at the NFTLA weren’t provided much information on what wallet-aware technology can accomplish for customers and investors, Billieu points out the skeuomorphism that exists between builders and developers:

“This is the type of thing people start looking for because they make it up, especially for not being skeuomorphic in design and not considering Web 3.” as a worse Web 2  because I believe Web 3 is a worse Web 2.”

What Impact Theory is working on?

Belieu addressed NFTLA participants about what Impact Theory is working on, beginning with the actual project name for the first time ever for NFTLA guests, called ‘Project Avatar.’

Project Kyzen is a “one-of-a-kind 3D NFT avatar creation gateway and immersive gaming story-world created inside the Unreal Engine, which allows users to not only create an avatar,” but also to participate in challenges, mini-games, and one-of-a-kind experiences involving things from the user’s wallet,” referring to Wallet-Aware technology.

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