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Clash Of Titans: Crypto And Gaming Facing-off in Threatening P2E Economies

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Play to Earn games
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  • Play to Earn games can make for lucrative businesses amidst hype around digital worlds and NFTs, luring a plethora of folks as well as investors.
  • Recently, Axie’s Ronin Bridge got hacked, where the users got inflicted by a damage of whopping $615 Million worth of Ethereum.
  • Involving complex layers, unofficial monetary networks have also surfaced around these games, and a few players coveted in-game items for additional gain.

Cryptocurrency and Gaming sector are a couple of mammoths which are luring a lot of crowd to generate income. Investors enter the crypto sector to make investments for profits, similarly, players are entering P2E sector to earn crypto assets through Play to earn games, unaware of the risks present in these spaces which needs to be averted.

Play To Earn Games Becoming Comfortable Place For Users

Thitadilaka, an Axie Infinity player, says that he generated as much as $2,000 every month previous year from his collection of virtual pets, which he would breed and use for battles in the game to earn digital assets.

These games can make for lucrative businesses amidst hype surrounding digital worlds and NFTs, luring millions of players as well as investors who witness these games as a means to introduce more folks to crypto assets.

Axie Infinity is a metaverse where players control blob-like creatures with distinct features as NFTs.

But Aren’t They Tearing Us Apart?

Undoubtedly, this space remains an entertaining space where folks can earn while playing. But there’s a dark side of this moon too. Just previous week, Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge was hit by a $615 Million damage. Attackers targeted an element of system utilized to transfer crypto assets to and forth in the game.

Sky Mavis, creators of Axie Infinity, stated that all the damages will be reimbursed to the players as they have jacked up $150 Million in a funding round led by a16z and Binance, and that they are working with law enforcement to get their hands on lost funds.

Focused Decisions

Involving layers of complexity, unofficial monetary networks have also surfaced around these games, as few players leveraged their coveted in-game items for additional gain.

Thitadilaka, the Axie Infinity player, decided to earn extra money than he can make by playing the game, so created the guild, GuildFi with his peers, allowing NFTs to be utilized by folks who wanted Axie to play without paying.

This network grew by 3,000 users, and players using Axies split profits earned from games in a ratio of 50:50.

An individual named Pia left her job for play to earn games and created Real Deal Guild, and makes $20,000 per month through it. She bags 30% from profits made by players, and rest goes to the users which is better than GuildFi.

How Players Can Get Hurt?

Legal experts says that there is no security net for users who effectively makes investment in risky assets, making them weak and vulnerable to failure.

As international regulators sought to get grips with crypto assets themselves, there is a minor oversight of NFTs, or the relatively niche off-shoot of P2E games, which typically utilized in-game cryptocurrency tokens which can be cashed out in conventional money.

Advocates of these games state that success is developed upon an integration of factors like luck, skill and strategy.

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