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Mammoth End of Decades Crypto Forecasts By Raoul Pal

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  • Raoul Pal, macro guru is calling cryptocurrency the quickest growing asset class in the history of humankind and forecasts behemoth growth of the market by the end of this decade.
  • In their latest interview, Raoul stated several altcoin projects luring thrill and hype will not survive as they fail to amass adoption.
  • While several projects fail in the short run, Raoul Pal foresees an unparalleled adoption curve for cryptocurrency markets over the upcoming 7 years.

Raoul Pal On Future Of Crypto

Recently, Raoul Pal, a former executive in Goldman Sachs appeared in an interview with Scott Melker, where he debated what the upcoming 7 years hold for cryptos.

Initially, he says, what we are witnessing in the market figuring out that it is not sufficiently good just to be a quicker, inexpensive alternative to Ethereum, or whatever it might be — more personal than Bitcoin.

What folks have begun to witness, and what as per the conversations he is having with folks at the protocol layer, he says, okay, what can we be recognized for on this chain.

Folks are gonna split down to use cases. So if you are really quick and you are not too decentralized and you are too inexpensive, then you are really extremely useful for the securities sector because they have a huge volume and they do not care about decentralization to a degree where private money does.

Raoul says, there is a plethora of space for this wider number of tokens. Without a doubt, a lot of this stuff is never gonna gain traction over network adoption, which is fine. It is similar to a VC portfolio, where folks understand that a bunch of these organizations just won’t gain traction, which is okay.

As per Real Vision CEO, cryptocurrency markets could boom by 100x from present levels and reach a $200 trillion market capitalization, even if they are slow years along the path.

Raoul Pal says We are at 300 million users globally in virtual assets. Essentially, it is booming at 185% every year. We may see 600 Million or even 750 Million by end of 2022. Even if it is crawling at a slow speed we may witness 500 Million users. After a year, it can cross even a billion, a year after, a couple billion, and so on.

The pace at which it is coming, folks do not comprehend. And the movement I think, from a $2 Trillion asset class today, to a $200 trillion asset class which Jeff Dorman talking about, is by the end of 2022.

Folks can witness a complete interview available on youtube.

Source: YouTube

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