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ORBIS86: Can This Women-Led Project Disrupt The Metaverse Space? 

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a term whose meaning was a bit recondite earlier, suddenly became a frenzy? It seems like with a blink of an eye, NFTs became the most desirable tokenized assets for enthusiasts.

So apparently, last year proved to be quite a remarkable one for NFTs space as a bunch of currently popular NFT projects emerged. This crypto-related concept has gained immense traction from not only the average folks but also from various prominent celebrities. 

But What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

NFTs are cryptographic tokens facilitating investors, traders, artists, etc., with varied opportunities. Similar to cryptocurrencies, they can be bought, sold, or exchanged over the internet network without the need for a third party. NFTs are unique, and they act like collectibles or trading cards. NFTs can represent absolutely anything tangible from the real world, from music, art, and real estate to any in-game item. 

Specifically for the digital artists who now not only have control over their art but also have their digital ownership via NFTs.

Now let’s explore how this trendy tokenization of art helps women worldwide. 

Various NFT projects by women and for the women have emerged in the recent times, to name a few, Hijabi Queens, Women Rise, etc., and then come ORBIS86, another NFT project solely by women. 

What is ORBIS86? 

Orbis86 is an exclusive collection of 8686 limited edition NFTs in the Metaverse. The NFTs are 3D Humanoid characters, with each being a highly detailed collectible that can be customized. 

The mind behind the collection is Soniya Ahuja, an industry expert, and a veteran entrepreneur. Apart from Soniya, the others in the core team are Wendy Choure, Radhika Kamra, Suvigya Mishra, and Alex Wanjohi. 

Superpowers and fascinating costumes tag along with the unique 3D Humanoid characters. Additionally, they also have an interesting backstory to tell and convey their journey. The NFT collection focuses on education, entertainment, work, business, and empowerment. 

The characters embody cybernetically enhanced ex-cops, genetically modified assassins, warlocks, and a lot more. One of the most attractive features of these characters is that they can be assigned any gender, binary or non-binary, let alone being inclusive!

How Does The Collection Facilitate The Holders?

Orbis86 enables its token holders the power to express themselves and their story via the NFTs. Its website claims it to be a community built on diversity as it provides a voice to the minorities and the underserved sections of society. 

Orbis86 offers folks distinct utilities: 

Animated Series: The NFTs that the individuals own will be featured in their own short animated web series in the future. The characters would be unrolling their stories and characteristic features. The revenue earned is planned to be distributed among the holders. 

Animation Kits: The token holders can alter and customize the characters while utilizing the project’s exhaustive animation tutorial kits. They further provide educational videos that help the holders use Blender, open-source software to enhance the three-dimensional character. 

NPOs Contribution: Here comes the social work; a portion of the revenue earned from the sale of these NFTs is planned to be donated to non-profit organizations worldwide working towards varied aims. 

Chance To Witness Private Events: Another facility provided to the community is to choose where they would like to celebrate the party that would be organized to celebrate the success of goals and reward the holders. 

Yet-To-Be-Launched, Yet Attracted Frenzy?

Even though this project is still in its development phase, it has already attracted names like the prominent rapper Snoop Dogg, and it is not a hidden fact that he is a vehement NFT enthusiast. And during the NFT connect conference that Orbis86 sponsored, he highlighted that the NFT character that is specifically designed for him is of incredible significance. 

Orbis86 has recently won the platinum AVA award for the design for Queen Regalia. It partners with Rebel Cartel, which would gather 86 musicians to provide melodies for the NFT collection.

Furthermore, Orbis86 was also a panel sponsor for Miami NFT week, which was another most anticipated event for the NFT freaks. 

What’s More To Come?

The Pre-sale of the project is scheduled for the month of May. The interested folks can directly mint the NFTs on the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. However, the mint price is yet to be disclosed. 

Orbis86 is all set to provide the users with an immersive Metaverse experience. This NFT project seems to be a distinct one because, first, it is a women-led project. Secondly, it blends the idea of empowering society and providing the users with a fascinating and fun experience. 

Although this project is still a new player, it seems to already give tough competition to other already existing NFT projects. Hence, it would be quite interesting to see if this newly emerged NFT project could prove to be a riding shotgun for the ones who never got a chance to voice their opinions. And if Orbis86 can stand at the forefront in the ever-increasing NFT industry. 

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