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Is It Really A Full Circle Moment For Solana NFTs? Okay Bears Copied 

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Solana NFT
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  • Here’s another knockoff of an NFT project on Solana that got rolled out very recently. 
  • Not Okay Bears is a newly added Ethereum project that basically uses reversed bears from Okay Bears. 
  • Okay Bears was launched in late April and is the best-selling project on Solana so far. 

It was usual to find knockoffs in the early Solana’s NFT ecosystem. Now a recent popular NFT project, Okay Bears, has been effectively copied and pasted onto Ethereum. In fact, some folks on

Twitter have addressed this as a full-circle moment for Solana. 

Not Okay Bears is an Ethereum-based Profile Pictures Project that rolled out today itself; it has 10,000 cartoonish bear illustrations with unique traits. The images are obviously extremely similar as they were copied from Okay Bears on Solana. The only difference is that they are just reversed; hence the bears are facing left instead of right. 

Despite the fact that they are total xerox, they have gained considerable popularity. The 10,000 NFTs were minted this morning at 0.02 ETH. The first 1,000 of them were free, though. 

The anonymous creators of the Okay Bears Knockoff donated about 20% of the mint funds to the Mental Health Impact Index through the Giving Block. 

They are also selling on the popular secondary marketplace OpenSea. And constant trades are happening. 

Okay Bears has not commented on the Not Okay Bears publicly yet. And it is to see if it issues a DMCA takedown notice to the marketplaces. However, this step proved to be controversial when several others, like CryptoPunks, Larva Labs, attempted it. 

Ironically, Not Okay Bears launched their project with a description that highlights Bears on the Blockchain that actually work. 

Okay Bears is a project that launched in late April and quickly gained traction and proved to be the best-selling NFT project on Solana so far. 

Although such moves are common in the vast NFT industry, it would be interesting to see what Okay Bears would do and when would it publicly speak about this. 

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