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The Positive Hippo’s : An NFT Project Empowering Young Entrepreneurs 

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Positive Hippo
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Last Year, we witnessed the hype around NFTs. The movement led to the birth of many interesting NFT projects. 

The Positive Hippo’s is one such unique NFT project. The positive Hippo’s is a branch of StayPositive, a company run by Maurice Howard, who goes by the name Mr.StayPositive on all platforms. 

Howard’s vision for this project is to support young entrepreneurs in increasing their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-confidence. 

Howard is aware of the differences in the society such as social or political differences, therefore he wants to open opportunities for young entrepreneurs from all fields of life regardless of their color, race, or religion, that might be acting as a hindrance to their successful careers. 

How Is The Positive Hippo’s Different From Other NFT Projects?

The Positive Hippo’s is a community that believes in radiating positive energy. It aims to provide big opportunities for young individuals looking to grow their businesses. 

They are present on various social media platforms. Their page, Mr. StayPositive, is full of motivational quotes. They use their posts as a way to connect and engage with their community and spread positivity.

With each NFT, a feature is unlocked that contains hidden content, such as receiving rewards in virtual land and limited edition NFTs, a chance to become a part of the team, and even meet MrStayPositive. The NFT project is available on three platforms: OpenSea, Bubblehouse, and Voice.

What’s In The Future For Positive Hippo’s?

The future ventures of the Positive Hippo’s include creating their virtual land called positive safari land where creators, basically like-minded people, can connect, interact and contribute to each other’s business and personal growth. They have partnered with to bring their ideas to life. 

Howard wants to make a difference with his NFT collection. He believes that through his project, The Positive Hippo’s, he will be able to make a difference in people’s real lives along with the NFT space.

Mr.StayPositive recalls that initially only 30 owners and one celebrity, a hip hop battle rapper, was part of the project. However, now the project has expanded and is run by 100 owners on three different platforms. 

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