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A Handful Of Bitcoin Maximalists Eyes To Take Some Coins Down: Charles Hoskinson

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ADA Charles Hoskinson
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  • Charles Hoskinson discussed about recent visit to Washington. He is the co-founder of IOG, the organization behind Cardano R&D.
  • After meeting several US Congress members, he updated the crypto community via a live stream on YouTube.
  • As of now, Cardano (ADA) was exchanging hands at $0.4735, bullish by over 3% during past 24 hours.

There Are Other Coins Apart From BTC Too

Charles Hoskinson said that he did notice that specific members of the Bitcoin ecosystem are actively urging politicians to write into laws that everything but Bitcoin is a security, as well as to incorporate into legislation any attempt to delegitimize, or outright outlaw, proof of state cryptocurrencies.

This was really discouraging and frustrating.

Charles likes to think that, despite our political, technical, and financial disparities, we would combat these issues in the marketplace of ideas, users, and conventional competition. 

The attempt to use the federal govt and legislative process in the United States to outlaw the competitors is antithetical to everything the bitcoin movement stands for.

Multinational banks behave in this manner. It’s not the behaviour of those who grew up with libertarian and free-market values. It’s revolting, repulsive, and unfathomable that someone would tell members of Congress and the Senate’s staff to do such things.

We’ve seen the messages, read the emails, and experienced it from a variety of people, and folks know who they are. As a result, it’s infantile. It doesn’t have much of an influence, and it effectively delegitimizes those who say and do it.

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It Can Be Better Than This

Hoskinson believes that we can all be stronger, and hope that the other representatives in the sphere eventually appear here and convey themselves in a fruitful, beneficial manner.

Inclined to work collaboratively and co-operate on some fundamental principles, such as smart contract standards, decentralisation interpretations, and attempting to create regulatory regimes that make perfect sense rather than ones that are just outgrowths of things that came up during the 1930s.

In a very forceful voice, Charles Hoskinson stated that if we work together, we can demand billions of dollars in economic benefit as an industry.

We will not reach that purpose, nor will we achieve the end of legitimizing and stabilizing the business, if we contend with each other and fight each other, pointing fingers, calling each other names, or attempting to exploit the process to harm each other’s competitiveness. 

Instead, we’ll pass it up to the legacy actors, who will never return it to choice. We must stick together or we will break apart if we are split. As a result, he’ll do his part, and hope others to complete theirs as well.

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