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Ropsten fusion on the main Ethereum blockchain is expected to initiate soon 

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Ethereum Foundation
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As one of the final tests before the merging on the main Ethereum blockchain, Ropsten, Ethereum’s oldest testnet, is poised to move to proof of stake. 

The testnet merging’s main goal is to prepare for Ethereum’s mainnet merge later this year. Ethereum core developers have already experimented with merging, including a shadow fork on the main network and another merge on the Kiln testnet.

Whole Merging process

According to an official blog post from Ethereum, the actual date for the Ropsten fusion will vary based on a few circumstances, but it is likely to happen on Wednesday.

The code from Ropsten’s two chains one proof of work and the other a proof-of-stake beacon chain will be combined in this event. 

This is the identical procedure that will be used when the Ethereum mainnet merging occurs.

The Ropsten merging is one of several crucial processes in ensuring that Ethereum node client software runs smoothly and without issues throughout the event. 

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Lighthouse, Lodestar, Prysm, Nimbus, Teku, Besu, Erigon, go-ethereum (geth), and Nethermind are among the client software projects involved in the next Ropsten merging.

Only once the proof-of-work version of Ropsten has crossed a pre-determined measure termed terminal total difficulty will the merging take place.

This is set to an extremely high level of 50 quadrillion in order to prevent any unwanted entity from interfering with the merging by gaining hashrate artificially (which happened the first time this test was scheduled).

Ropsten’s hashrate is low since it is a testnet. 

As a result, merging node operators will have to manually modify their clients’ execution layer and consensus player clients to override the Ropsten Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD). This should be finished by the end of the day.

The developers will move on to further merging tests scheduled for other testnets, such as Goerli and Sepolia, as soon as customers report and address bugs found in the Ropsten merge.

Nancy J. Allen

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