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Jeff Schaffer Doesn’t Understand BTC

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  • Jeff Schaffer is the Director of Crypto Commercial featuring Larry David
  • He was simply out to make a funny commercial
  • Crypto is still too speculative and volatile

Quite recently, Live Bitcoin News gave an article examining a Super Bowl business that was made about crypto exchanging and FTX, a new however progressively famous computerized money trade. 

The business scoured many individuals the incorrect way, and presently it’s chief – Jeff Schaffer – is guaranteeing that he accepted the position without having the smallest thought of how crypto functions or what it is.

Jeff Schaffer Is Clueless When It Comes to Crypto

In a new meeting, Schaffer professes to have had no information on the space. He was basically on a mission to make an entertaining business. While humor may for sure depend on the temperaments and beliefs of the individuals who view it, the business appeared to have made many individuals irritated – a few of whom guarantee that famous people and crypto don’t blend.

The commercial included Larry David of Check Your Enthusiasm acclaim. David took watchers on a visit through progressive innovation – like the haggle light – that has arisen since the beginning of time. 

The thought behind the business was that blockchain was up there with the best mechanical creations ever and that all who didn’t see it thusly or put resources into crypto were being a sucker… At least that is the manner by which a ton of watchers took it.

The business followed a series of promotions run by These highlighted the presence of Oscar-champ Matt Damon, known for jobs in Kindness Hunting and The Martian. Damon’s ads took on a comparative subject in which the entertainer moved through verifiable occasions and circumstances – like the moon’s arrival – that included people acting in a daring way.

The business then finished with Damon saying, courageous action is better than no action at all. The logo then, at that point, showed up conspicuously on the screen. 

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Bitcoin network is not a payments network – Sam Bankman-Fried

Numerous watchers disliked this promotion and the ones that followed, guaranteeing that crypto was still excessively speculative and unpredictable and consequently they ought not to be supposed to simply plunk their life investment funds into something since Damon told them to. While the plugs might not have been made in view of such a message, the gathering was for the most part negative.

As to position as head of the business, Schaffer made sense by stating that he doesn’t think they’d have anything to add as they have no clue about how digital currency functions (even subsequent to having it made sense of for us over and again), don’t claim it and don’t follow its market. They just set off on a mission to make an interesting business.

Not very far in the past, Sam Bankman-Fried – the head leader of FTX – got into serious trouble after he said he didn’t feel bitcoin could act as an installment device later on. 

He expressed that the bitcoin network isn’t an installments organization, and it’s anything but a scaling organization. Things that you’re doing a huge number of exchanges a second with must be incredibly effective and lightweight, and lower energy cost.

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