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Vessy Mink: Who’s NFT Is Contributing To Humanitarian Causes

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Vessy Mink
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The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is constantly expanding, with more and more new collections being introduced quite often. NFTs have been a way not only to support digital art but also to empower women, support social and humanitarian causes, etc. Overall, NFTs are beyond just art; one such example of that is a unique NFT by Vessy Mink.

Who Is Vessy Mink?

Vessy Mink is the creator behind this NFT. Mink is a singer, songwriter, and producer by profession. She is now also an NFT creator.

Mink is quite inclined towards the concepts of NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse. She is also the Music Director of FunkyiPuppets. She is a friend of Kathy Bunker, who herself is a music enthusiast and the founder of the non-profit called Music For The World, which was set up in 1996.

Music For The World is an organization that helps the poor by giving them a gift of music, whether it is in the United States or other third-world countries.

The non-profit basically aims to bring together diverse cultures by providing musical instruments to the people who cannot afford them otherwise. It helps the poor through music. Many prominent musicians have contributed to her cause. For instance, Canadian musician Steve Bell has been one of them. 

Vessy Mink is one such contributor who has facilitated her friend’s cause by creating this NFT.

Vessy Mink has been a winner of the NFT Superstars Awards 2022 by The Coin Republic. 

What Is Ronald’s Thank You Song?

Ronald’s Thank You Song Is The First NFT in the newly emerged NFT collection, Music For The World. Vessy Mink created the collection in an effort to support the humanitarian work that the non-profit by the same name as the collection has been doing, specifically in Africa.

The NFT consists of a video featuring Ronald, a ten-year-old living in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The boy sings a beautiful song written by him. It is dedicated to Bunker while he expresses his gratitude through the song. Kathy Bunker recently helped Ronald and others by providing them with mosquito nets because malaria has been a concern in his locality.

Vessy is also planning on producing a studio-quality version of this song, and it would also become an NFT available for the folks.

How Can You Contribute To The Cause?

You can help others like Ronald by buying this NFT. Also, if someone donated directly through the website of the non-profit, they would receive one of the NFTs in their digital wallets after sending them a special note.

More About Music for the World

Music for the World is a non-profit that has been helping Kenyan orphans for the past 13 years. They have also worked to set up orphanages and schools for orphan children. They are also working towards the construction of a school building by the end of the year by raising funds, with more such great plans for humanity.

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