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Ghosts: Do Kwon To be Sniped By Anonymous Soon

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Do Kwon
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  • As per a recent YouTube video shared by the hacktivist group, Anonymous, they are going after LUNA founder Do Kwon now.
  • Anonymous are looking into the entire history of Do Kwon, the founder of the LUNA ecosystem, which collapsed recently.
  • Anonymous hacktivist group is always in the news for unveiling groundbreaking hidden information people are unaware of.

Will Do Kwon Be Able To Sleep Now?

Anonymous group, famous for their activities to unveil controversial information around the globe, is now going after Terra (LUNA) founder Do Kwon. Recently, we witnessed one of the biggest falls of the digital asset ecosystem the crypto sector has ever witnessed.

TerraUSD, the stablecoin, was supposed to be tied to the value of a Dollar, but failed to live up to the mark, and got unpegged, eventually crashing the entire Terra (LUNA) ecosystem.

This is also one of the contributors of the crypto market crash, which hasn’t ended yet, and has started to raise the speculations that the market is moving towards crypto winter.

In the YouTube video, Anonymous clearly sent their message that they are targeting Do Kwon for his “crimes” and will expose him as soon as they have finished looking into the “culprit”’s history.

The hacktivist group wasn’t very impressed by the arrogant tactics of Do Kwon in trolling his contenders, and making a deception in front of people that his ecosystem is going to persist forever.

People Are Loving The “Robinhood”

After the video was posted, people started giving their reactions. It appears like the Anonymous group is admired by the people. A user said that she feels really safe in a globe where entities like Anonymous are there for people.

Another user said that the hacktivist group is like Robinhood, dealing with the influencers of the world, and standing up for the ones getting influenced.

Members of Anonymous group are always hidden, and many have been arrested in allegations of being a part of this group. They use a “V for Vendetta” mask to hide their identities whenever they appear on the internet.

It will be interesting to see what Do Kwon is hiding that Anonymous knows, and what new information is going to be revealed in the next video by the hacktivist group.

Back in March, Anonymous hacker group declared an all out cyberwar against Russia, amid its cruel invasion in the Ukrainian Lands, to help the folks there.

During the attack, they took down several of the Russian media websites, which witnessed mammoth DDoS attacks.

A fun fact in that “Anonymous invasion of Russia” was that they offered Ukrainian soldiers Bitcoin worth 50K for every tank they took down during the war.

According to their Twitter recently, they took down a bunch of Russian websites.

Just a reminder that Anonymous hacktivist group can take down websites of one of the powerful countries, will they show mercy on Do Kwon or its Terra ecosystem he pledge to rebuild.

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