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Top 10 NFT Collections You Should Know About in 2022

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If you’ve been missing the excitement created by great  NFT projects, we will use this article to give you a quick update on the market. Today we will tell you about ten of the most promising NFT projects to monitor in 2022.

Yeti Secret Society

You must first make a financial commitment to the Yeti Secret Society before you can join this new exclusive club. According to the collection’s creators, the secret to the Yeti Secret Society success is exclusivity. These new NFTs will be available to Pre-Mint users ahead of time. 

A “Club” is fundamental to achieving the team’s goal. By using this service, all Yeti NFT owners will be able to attend special events and parties every day of the year. Twitter and Discord are the primary means via which the team communicates with its growing community. 

The NFT’s scarcity is a crucial factor to investors. As a result of their emphasis on exclusivity and originality, the creators of Yeti Secret Society will witness a growth in the collection’s popularity. 

The Yeti Secret Society has teamed up with Sapphire Studios, a group of MMO game creators. As a result of this collaboration, the project will soon have an MMO game and a Metaverse architecture. 

As the project progresses, a 600-person boat excursion to Monaco has been reserved. Members and celebrities can rent entire islands to have fun with the club members.

The Yeti Secret Society’s founders have a wealth of experience in the online space, thanks to their previous work on a variety of internet-related initiatives.


Silks is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse that is derivative. Tropical Racing, a publicly traded corporation that owns and operates 200-acre horse farms where racehorses are bred, syndicated, and raced, is developing Silks, a project built on Ethereum’s Mainnet with layer-2 solutions. 

Every aspect of the game, including the horse’s performance, is copied or tokenized. Play-to-earn aficionados are learning to enjoy Silks, a popular horse racing-themed video game. 

The developers built a thoroughbred horse racing economics in Silks’ gameplay. Many of the 20,000 thoroughbred racehorses registered annually in the United States are auctioned off at one year old.

NFTs known as Silks Horses are used to race and gain prizes by gamers. You may buy and sell horses on the open market.

As a virtual version of one of the top-registered one-year-old thoroughbred racehorses in the United States, you may record each accomplishment and training development on the platform. This system also enables you to claim your rewards. 

The owner of a virtual horse will be notified when it is set to race in the real world and may watch it compete. The owner will get a cut of the token prize if he or she is the lucky winner.

Fan Controlled Football

By placing live game decisions in the hands of the fans, the Fan Controlled Football (FCF) league has already begun to transform the game of professional football. Web3 and live-action sports are currently being combined to revolutionize this sector. 

FCF is a new professional indoor football league founded in 2017 that aims to provide a unique spectator experience. There are just a handful of other major sports leagues that allow fans to participate in the decision-making process for their favorite club in real-time.

All games take place in a studio-like setting in Atlanta, Georgia. NBCLX, DAZN, and Twitch are among the key streaming outlets that will be broadcasting each game live.

Helmet-mounted cameras and microphones allow players to be heard. Viewers benefit from the usage of drones by getting a first-person view of the action as it unfolds. 

There will be no kickers or punters in this game since the field of play is rather small. Fast-paced action is provided by the 7v7 format and the one-hour games. Management of offensive and defensive lines is done collectively rather than by individual players.

Moon Boyz

11,111 ERC-721 tokens make up the Moon Boyz collection. The Ethereum blockchain powers all of them. A complete membership to a constantly expanding community, as well as a host of outstanding features, are included with every NFT. 

The NFTs are meant to appeal to a wide range of investors in preparation for their voyage to the moon. The crew has been able to retain all of the arms and legs in the spaceship until they reach their final destination by working in small batches. 

If you get yourself a moon boy, you’ll instantly be a part of a passionate group that takes part in several thrilling expeditions both on Earth and in cyberspace while also receiving a slew of valuable rewards.

For their mission to be successful, the Moon Boyz NFTs will begin setting up all the virtual and real-world utilities they will need. 

Participants who join the Moon Boyz group are taken on an adventurous journey. The token’s roadmap aims to make a lasting impression in the NFT sector with a variety of unique features, such as exclusive clubs, special events, and challenges.

Cryptoon Goonz

There are 6,969 goon NFTs running on the Ethereum blockchain in the Cryptoon Goonz collection. From common to ultra uncommon, there are eight different qualities to each Cryptoon Goonz.

A Goon’s commercial rights are included in the ownership of a Crytoon Goon. Members of the DAO will receive special privileges, such as access to the DAO’s wallet. 

We may list first access to future drops, exclusive Discord sections for DAO members, DAO voting privileges, and promotions as some of the benefits for NFT holders.

The Goonz gateway is at the heart of the new Cryptoon Goonz roadmap 2.0. Goonz NFTs can enter the portal and emerge in a substantially different shape. If an NFT enters the portal, the original NFT will be imprisoned (but not burned). 

The NFT can return to its former shape by stepping out of the portal. As a result, the whole transition of the NFT portal can be reversed. This implies that the overall collection will not be diluted because there will always be 6,969 Goonz, and holders may select when and where to display their favorite Goon.

Axie Infinity

Blockchain-powered game Axie Infinity has more than 1 million active players on a daily basis. Daily prizes are given to players that gather and breed Axies. 

Axies are divided into nine different types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses in battle. 

Each Axie is unique while being a member of the same species. Axies have six distinct sections that carry three different genetic variants: dominant (D), recessive (R1), and minor (R2). 

Using the Axie Breeding Calculator, players may find out which of their NFT progeny will have the most likely genetic make-up. 

Initially, Axie Infinity was constructed on the Ethereum network using ERC-721 tokens for its Axies and ERC-20 tokens for its two other cryptocurrencies, AXS and SLP. 

In-game collectibles (e.g., land plots) provide safe, censorship-resistant evidence of ownership.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Ethereum-based Bored Ape Yacht Club consists of 10,000 different non-fungible tokens. They’re called the Bored Apes, and they’re a scruffy species with a variety of unique traits. 

For example, just 5% of Bored Apes have red fur, and only 3% of them wear a motorcycle jacket. If a Bored Ape has a lot of unique characteristics, it will be more costly. 

Bored Apes, like other NFTs, are not the actual asset of this collection. Rather, they serve as proof of ownership or a passkey. If you’ve never purchased an NFT before, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on what you’re getting yourself into. 

The Bored Apes Yacht Club, as its name implies, is built on the foundation of the Bored Apes. 

By means of their firm Yuga Labs, the four founders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club launched their project in 2021. Gargamel, Gordon Goner, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, and No Sass are some of the group’s most imaginative monikers. 

The related economic usage rights make Bored Ape art important in addition to its role as a digital persona. Owners of Bored Ape can resell the NFT for a profit, but they can also sell derivative items based on the art they’ve created.


On the Ethereum platform, a virtual realm known as Decentraland is being built and operated by a global network of people. 

In this virtual realm, users may explore, socialize, and play games while also buying and selling digital real estate. User-to-user communication and payments, as well as interactive apps, have all been added to the platform over time. 

LAND tokens are used to track real estate plots in the Decentraland application. 

Ethereum is used to monitor ownership of this digital land, and MANA tokens must be held in an Ethereum wallet to participate in the ecosystem of the project.

The Decentraland team has developed a marketplace and a drag-and-drop editor that users can leverage to create settings outside of the game environment. 

Members of the market may track and trade LAND tokens, which are valued in MANA. It is possible for owners to sell or trade in-game assets, such as clothing and unique names, through the marketplace.

NFT Worlds

Virtual world owners may construct their own endless metaverse games or experiences in NFT Worlds, a completely decentralized, fully configurable, community-driven, play-to-earn platform. 

Decentralization, cross-platform compatibility, community-driven, and built play-to-earn gaming metaverse platform were some of the goals of the project. 

Creating a huge, decentralized, massively multiplayer system of interconnected NFT Worlds is also among the team’s goals. 

The in-game currency of NFT Worlds is the $WRLD token. Ethereum and Polygon networks host it. 

For the time being, NFT Worlds is running on the open-source platform Minecraft. For the team, this technology was the best fit since it would allow them to construct the living and linked worlds that they had in mind.


GaryVee’s announcement of his own project drew attention to NFTs. VeeFriends features ten thousand and two hundred sixty-six different NFTs. 

GaryVee was the first to take a reasonable step and lay the groundwork for others to follow in terms of how NFTs may benefit the general public by providing community access via smart contracts. In addition, the VeeFriends NFT project added a utility to their tokens, which provided a number of extra advantages. 

CEO and Chairman of VaynerX Media and Communication Holding Company Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) serves Fortune 100 companies as the CEO of VaynerMedia, a digital marketing and advertising business. 

GaryVee saw the Internet’s transformative power in the late 1990s. With his father’s local liquor store now available online, he recognized a chance to sell wine all over the world. Over the course of five years, he built the first wine e-commerce platform, helping his family business grow from $3 million to $60 million.

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