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How will mortgage industry be transformed with Blockchain technology 

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The mortgage industry has achieved new milestones after the adoption of Blockchain technology. Moreover, the Blockchain industry is rapidly expanding, and this technology has been adopted in many sectors. Many tech companies have adopted this technology to advance many technology sectors. 

A miracle took place long back in 2009 when the concept of digital money came into existence, and it was an anonymous person who started the trend of Digital currency. And it is still believed that the person behind the modernization of the crypto and blockchain industry was Satoshi Nakamoto. 

A white paper report of 9 pages came out through an unknown mail address which claimed him satoshi Nakamoto, and from there, the evolution of blockchain started. This report proved very helpful for the other developed and developing digital assets.   

Some Use cases of Blockchain technology in the traditional industry 

  1. Uses of Blockchain technology in Mortgage system:- The main and proper use of Blockchain technology is done in finance. This technology in the finance sector has broadened So wide that it offers numerous services like lending assets, earning interest, and borrowing loans. Since the concept of the Smart Contract, the industry has grown, and now the services of the finance sector have increased. Smart contracts help to develop one own digital token and can trade from that in the market.    
  1. Use of Blockchain in Agro-industry:- According to recent reports, Tech giant Plugin has collaborated with India-based agro tech company Samunnati to improve the agro sector. It will develop an improved version of the weather forecast, providing applications or software which will focus on the major factors of accurate climate data. So that the agro sector should become more profitable and the production rate should increase over time.
  1. Used for Peer to Peer transactions:- The use of blockchain technology is largely increasing in online and Peer to Peer transaction methods, and it is trusted more than any other type of transaction. 
  1. Uses in the e-commerce industry:- According to some recent information, a famous watch manufacturing brand, Hublot, has adopted payments backed by blockchain technology in the form of Bitcoin payments through the Bitpay interface(Bitcoin payment Application), and after this initiative by Hublot, other companies like Gucci and has followed the path and is preparing a road map to adopt the payment mode soon.  
  2. Adoption of Blockchain technology in the Health sector:- Reports state that many leading health care companies have adopted Blockchain technology for payment acceptance as well as for keeping patient data and make the industry easy and convenient like the company are storing basic information like name, age and health status weather a patient is fit or suffering from any disease. Moreover, the companies are trying to make the industry more reliable, easy, and convenient. 

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 The introduction of Blockchain in the mortgage industry has broadened its use cases and made this finance sector more profitable for the users, as many payment interfaces still don’t charge additional transaction fees on payments. The users are rewarded for making a transaction with royalty points.  

Nancy J. Allen

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