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What Binance Pay, Remuno, and BitPay Are Doing To Bring New Businesses Into Crypto

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With crypto working towards a place as an equal to fiat currency, many changes within the financial and retail markets need to happen.

As it currently stands, crypto is relatively contained to digital environments, used for speculative buying and selling, trading in digital assets, and use in access to community environments and systems of governance.

However, this is beginning to change, with the introduction and proliferation of crypto payment processors: platforms designed to allow businesses to incorporate crypto payments into their ecosystem.

Three crypto payment processors that are bringing something new to this sector are Remuno, Binance Pay, and BitPay, providing businesses with new opportunities to enter the crypto ecosystem and expand their reach.

Remuno, The Perfect Platform For Beginner Crypto Businesses

Unless you are familiar with financial technology, how crypto works and the opportunities it affords can be difficult to understand. Yet, even without knowledge of how blockchain technology works or what an NFT is, what is understood is that crypto is lucrative and that attaching it to a business could reap major financial rewards.

Remunounderstands this perfectly and has been designed to allow businesses to access crypto payment opportunities with a system so simple to install and easy to use that even business owners without crypto knowledge can grasp it.

This simplicity comes from Remuno’s three-step installation process, which requires businesses to contact Remuno directly to set up an account before the API can be installed and set up. A simple button can then be placed on the business’s website, making this process as easy for customers to use as it is for businesses to install.

Simplicity is not Remuno’s only strategy for revolutionising how customers and businesses use crypto. Remuno is also working hard to brand itself as a new, cool alternative to pre-established crypto payment processors, taking what works about the platforms before it and perfecting them.

Remuno didn’t invent the wheel, but they have figured out how to perfect it.

By branding itself as a go-to crypto payment processor, Remuno will be able to expand its reach to a host of businesses that may not have otherwise made the switch to crypto. It is essential to market this way to push the potential crypto has for businesses, so that cryptos utility can expand, and the industry can continue growing.

This all combines to make signing your business up to Remuno a lucrative opportunity, and one that business owners should take notice of. 

Binance Pay Brings In A New Crowd

Binance Pay made crypto headlines earlier this year after it was featured heavily at the Portuguese music festival Primavera Sound after Binance (BNB) became a major partner of the event.

At the festival, attendants could pay for products using Binance Pay at over 50 on-site locations, with an exclusive promotion for new users that would grant them 5 Binance USD (BUSD) coins automatically for signing up.

By doing this, Binance Pay was able to not only bring crypto payments to many businesses in attendance at the festival, but to many new customers as well who may not have otherwise engaged with crypto payments. By being shown just how easy the process is, by using the Binance Pay app, these individuals will likely continue using the service and bring the use of cryptocurrency as payment for physical goods into a far more common practice.

And for businesses looking to get involved with crypto, this can only be a good thing.

BitPay Brings Crypto Payment To The Storefront

While Binance Pay and Remuno are doing a phenomenal job in bringing new businesses and customers into crypto payment, one industry has been somewhat left out of the process.

Typically, crypto payment processors are used for digital storefronts, installed into a business’s website to be used at checkout. This is understandable, as the advent of the Internet has caused major decreases in activity in physical shops, with many preferring to do their shopping online and have items delivered to their homes.

But for service industry businesses, like restaurants and hairdressers, this digital shift is not possible, meaning that payments for the most part are still taken on location at the shop itself.

This is something that BitPay has taken note of, and has created a solution for, through their app for tablet and smartphone devices.

With the BitPay app, businesses can take crypto payments in a physical space, allowing for businesses that cannot go entirely digital to still be able to reap the benefits of crypto. This also means that crypto payments are accessible to all industries, making them just as versatile, if not more so, than fiat currency.

It is no surprise, therefore, that BitPay is one of the most renowned crypto payment processors on the market.

To find out more about Remuno, check out their website.

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