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Prepare To Engage Yourself In The Immersive Marvel GameFi Universe

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  • Marvel is stepping into the world of Play to Earn gaming.
  • Marvel Gamefi is the first play-to-earn game associated with the Marvel universe.
  • This will be a turn-based role-playing game.

On July 18, 19, UTC, at 12: 00 noon on time, the blind box was opened on time. The white list has some more. Now every ERC address is sent to apply for the white list and at the same time, it is pulled into the official group.

Get three friends can get a 2 USD cash reward and at the same time give a blind box and card. The more whitelisted ERC addresses, the higher the level of the blind box and the card will be. Sincerely invite you to participate, thank you.

Avengers!! Assemble

“There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more.” This Is what Nick Fury said in the first part of the Avengers series. And this might be the initial thought that came into the mind of developers who gave rise to Marvel GameFi. The new play-to-earn Marvel-ous game is becoming a reality now.

Marvel Gamefi is going to be the first ever 3D turn-based blockchain game. It will include trading alongside the gaming aspect. Now players can say “Avengers!! Assemble.” As that’s what they will do in the game. The game will enable users to create their dream Avengers team and build the Avengers HQ. It will contain over 100 heroes, 1000 weapons, and limitless possibilities.

It will include a global ranking element where top players will get accessibility to special tournaments. The Avengers Planet is categorized in multiple land parcels which they can treat as NFTs. Marvel Gamefi has one of the greatest NFT libraries. In-game items are created by then users and will rely on the resources available in the game.

Marvel Heroes NFT

The Marvel Heroes NFTs will represent characters from the Marvel universe. They will possess a distinct set of skills that players can use in-game to fight their rivals. Users can upgrade the NFT or characters, but as they become stronger, the cost and time for the update will increase too. The skill set will be a mix of Agility, Speed, Attack, Durability, and more.

The Avengers Ecosystem (Avengers Planet and Avengers Towers)

Who doesn’t want to own the famous Stark Tower? It appears impossible, but Marvel GameFi has made it a possibility. The Avengers planet will allow the players to build their own architecture in the game. You can monetize your creation by letting others use your structure.

Users can utilize rental services for others in the ecosystem. This feature will allow the owners to earn a commission whenever they rent out their virtual space to others. They will have multiple options to generate revenue in the game. This includes mining energy, renting out or trading the Avengers Planet, upgrading heroes to sell on the marketplace, and more.

MARVEL token is the native digital asset of this ecosystem. Players can stake them into the liquidity pool, use them for updating their hero’s NFT, receive random rewards, etc. Holders of the indigenous crypto asset will have the authority to take part in the DAO Governance of the ecosystem.

Source: Marvel GameFi

Marvel-ous Tokenomics

There will be a total of 650,000,000 MARVEL tokens. 25% of the assets will be used for listing and liquidity, 20% will go to gaming rewards for the users, 15% will stay in the vault, 10-10% will go to the team and public sales, and the remaining 15% will be used equally in a private sale, seed, and the airdrop.

Source: Marvel GameFi

Who Are The Brains Behind Marvel GameFi

The team includes Joel Christiano (CTO), Ronan Stanford (CFO), Sebastian Howard (COO), Arthur Robertson (CEO), and more.

The Roadmap

The team has established their milestones or roadmap stretching to the next year. This includes Beta testing, Guild metaverse offline activity, and limited equipment guild mission staking in 2022. They are planning to initiate a Champions Cup Battle Pass donation system, multiplayer guild battle, monthly activity associated with their NFT trading platform, and more in the coming years.

Source: Marvel GameFi

Marvel Gamefi has caught the eye of investors like Vendetta Capital, Kyros Ventures, Everse Capital, and more.

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