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NFT Champagne Sells for a Record $2.5 Million

  • NFT champagne is now a thing
  • ‘Taste of Diamonds’ champagne sold for $1.9m
  • NFTs are the new diamonds

Extravagance champagne specialist Shammi Shinh has figured out how to peddle the world’s most costly champagne. What’s more, he is certainly not an alien to costly champagne. 

By selling this most recent container, he broke his own 2013 record of the world’s most costly champagne. In 2013, the ‘Flavor of Diamonds’ champagne sold for $1.9m. 

Shinh claims it was a celeb #1, with One Direction and rapper Flo Rida chugging it down. It additionally showed up in Hollywood blockbusters like Marvel’s Justice League.

NFT Champagne Artwork

This time around, notwithstanding, the champagne bottle was a once-off. Named Champagne Avenue Foch, it accompanied a NFT that was planned by the craftsman Mig. Mig is behind The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT assortments.

The ‘Magnum 2.5’ made by Shinh, has a mark that bears the fine art by Mig, and it is consistent with Mig’s standard style.

The 1-of-1 Magnum bottle was accessible to buy on OpenSea as an NFT. It was estimated at 2500 ETH ($2.5m). This makes it the most costly container of Champagne on the planet.

Shinh said, NFTs are the new jewels. This 1-of-1 container highlights workmanship from NFT assortments that have more than a billion bucks in deals. 

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Crypto winter might last as long as a usual winter

Encrusted with jewel-cut Swarovski gems with unadulterated pewter installed in the plan, he needed to make something immortal for the cutting edge financial backer, nothing to a lesser degree a magnum opus. 

As it is sold as an NFT, he anticipates that it should be exchanged a couple of times the commercial center before the actual jug lands with the perfect person who will HODL (Hold On For Dear Life). To get the actual champagne bottle, the purchaser should consume the NFT. The actual champagne is a show-stopper and of unparalleled quality.

Also, obviously, the container offered to financial backers as of late. Fortune detailed that Brothers Giovanni and Pierre Buono bought the container in a confidential deal.

Seems like this crypto winter could keep going up to a standard winter, if this keeps up.


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