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Roles of Blockchain in transforming Business-Communication Network. 

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  • Key factors of Blockchain in Business- Communication Network. 

The global is evolving, and modernization in every field is capturing and replacing old technology functioning in society. The mechanism of blockchain technology is entering every industry and replacing all technologies.  

Blockchain Technology is termed one of the most trusted techs globally. For this reason, this technology has entered Finance and many other industries, including Agriculture, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. 

The first use case of Blockchain technology was seen in the digital assets or cryptocurrency market. From then, it gained popularity and is now widely used in many other sectors. 

More than 50% of finance sector companies and other big tech companies believe Blockchain Technology is now a foremost part of the industry reports of Deloitte Survey states.   

Blockchain Technology is popular because of its following feature:- 

  1. Decentralization:- Blockchain technology is known as the first and most secure decentralized network with (No central entity), and the transactions in this are executed in Peer to Peer mode. 
  1.  Data security:– Data security is the main element in any firm or business. In 2013, a data breach occurred in the Yahoo network, and more than 3 million databases were affected. And data breaching in Blockchain is not possible at all.   
  1. Anonymity:- The most important and attractive feature missing in traditional technology is the attractive feature that helps increase users using blockchain technology and exploring cryptocurrencies. 
  1. Tracking feature:- The Feature of tracking transactions on Blockchain is not a big deal. If you made a transaction to another wallet, you could easily track the details whether the transaction is validated or not, is pending or failed.
  1. Low Usage fee or No usage fee:- Introduction of Blockchain Technology in the finance sector and the crypto market has made it easier and has lowered the transaction fees compared to traditional banking sectors.  


The introduction of Blockchain Technology is widening the various sectors and has impacted users’ lives by providing several services in the same ecosystem. While transactions with the traditional banking sector take a huge time, a huge transaction fee is charged for intercountry transactions. According to reports, Plugin has collaborated with India leading agro tech companies to use Blockchain technology for the betterment of agriculture and to get accurate weather data so that farmers can not meet losses and farming can become more profitable. 

Nancy J. Allen

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