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Opensea introduced Solana Launchpad NFTs on 20 July 2022 

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  • Opensea introduced Solana NFTs Zoonies on 20 July
  • More than 50% of Zoonies NFTs tokens minted in 24 hours of launching. 

Opensea, in a rush to compete with its rival Magic Eden, has launched a new launchpad feature minting of the new Solana NFTs Project on their ecosystem. However, after the feature launch, opensea is far away from the success line.  

An alien-themed Solana NFTs “Zoonies” featuring a profile picture of an alien was launched on 20 July 2022 on the New Solana platform, and it is also marked as the first to use this feature.  

The launchpad offers the generation and purchasing feature of NFTs during the primary sale, but Magic Eden offered this feature before the launch. 

The launch of the Zoonies took place on 22 July 2022, and it has completed 24 hours of launching while writing this article total of 6091 NFTs have been minted out of 8888 total amount. 

NFTs are digital tokens working on the Blockchain mechanism. NFTs can be defined as a contract that offers the feature of ownership of any specific Digital product, Artwork, or some other Digital Element that is unique and has the risk of getting stolen.   

The highest Price of minted Zoonies NFTs is around 33,333 Solana Tokens, and the lowest minted token is sold for 2.52 Solana tokens. The information on the sale of the NFTs was shared by the official Twitter account of Zoonies NFTs.

A working official of Zonies said, “We believe that Zonies will go well on the path of gaining a user base, and we are thinking of reducing the supply and will soon notify about the same.”  


It is an appreciable move of Opeasea to launch Zonies NFTs to compete with Magic Eden during this bear market, and the move is taking the minting process on a new path, and more than 6k NFTs tokens have been minted out of 8888. Market analysts believe that NFTs are good and have more scope in the upcoming time. But after the upgradation of Security features, in the first quarter of 2022, many hacks occurred on the massive NFTs platforms, and the hackers stole NFTs tokens amounting to Millions of US dollars.  

Steve Anderrson

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