Follow Us (GLO) Bullish Presale Volume Likely To Create Future Millionaires According To Ethereum (ETH) And Tron (TRX) Whales

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Tons of millionaires have already been made in the crypto space. You’ve all seen stories about how someone bought a few BTC for a dollar each, and are now chilling on their yacht or picking what color to have their next Lambo. These stories aren’t far-fetched. A new generation of millionaires have been created all thanks to crypto.

But you might think these stories are a thing of the past. Especially with crypto prices down in the short term, and with most of these coins having already experienced their rags-to-riches boom periods. The good news is: these stories aren’t a thing of the past. Far from it. You might just have to think about different coins, though. It’s true that it’s probably too late to join the Ethereum millionaire bandwagon, or get mega rich from BTC. Unless you’re willing to put hundreds of thousands into them in the first place. You need to focus on the coins that haven’t had their time in the limelight yet. New projects with the potential for massive things, and ones that could go from small-unkown projects to massive millionaire-makers. And there’s a reason why ETH and Tron whales are re-investing some of their funds into the likes of Uniglo. Let’s look at why…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has a ton of price potential because it’s still a small project, just entering pre-sale. That gives savvy investors the chance to pick up a new token with a ton of great fundamentals before it skyrockets into the mainstream. And GLO also has price potential because it is completely deflationary, and becomes more and more scarce over time thanks to radical ultra-burn technology. GLO will buy-back some of its coins (with funds raised from a sales tax) to burn, alongside burning a small percentage from every transaction. This creates in-built scarcity which will continue to limit supply and drive up the price. It also has full asset-backing, and price solidity that isn’t over-dependent on any one crypto.

These key features make GLO perfectly placed to be the next big thing in crypto. And now could be the perfect time to invest in it.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has had a strong couple of weeks, rebounding off of increased confidence now that the merge to ETH 2.0 has been announced. This will solve key issues like slow speeds and high fees, things that have been holding Ethereum back for some time. As Ethereum is already the heart of the blockchain development world, when these issues are fixed, it could surge towards an even brighter future.

Tron (TRX)

Tron has helped create a completely decentralized infrastructure that is integral to the blockchain world right now. People have already made a ton of money with TRX, but there’s still some potential for the future for investors who want to get involved now.

There’s a reason why TRX and ETH whales are moving into GLO.. It’s got incredible potential, so check it out today.

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