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Global Blockchain Industry Growing At Mass

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  • Blockchain industry is attracting a lot of working individuals globally.
  • LinkedIn and OKX organized research regarding the blockchain industry.
  • 3 European countries and 4 Asian nations made to the top 10.

Emergence of the groundbreaking blockchain technology is among the revolutionizing techs the world has ever witnessed. People and organizations all over the globe are embracing it and accepting it with open arms. The blockchain industry has also raised the number of folks working or wants to get employed in this sector.

Organizations like Microsoft, Mythical Games, IBM (International Business Machine) to name a few are the organizations making use of blockchain technology. This says a lot regarding the potential held by this phenomenal tech.

OKX — a cryptocurrency derivative exchange —  and, LinkedIn — a platform offering a professional network, came together to organize research in the blockchain industry. The study shows some fascinating facts regarding how far the blockchain industry has come and attracting people from all corners of the world.

Workforce Elevating In Blockchain Industry

The report suggests that 4 Asian countries and 3 European nations made it to the top 10. Where the United States, India and China remain the top 3 countries to attract the global blockchain talent. Where India, Canada and Singapore witnessed the most percentage of growth.

Though China has opposed cryptocurrencies on several occasions, the nation has shown a massive support for the blockchain technology. China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is a live example for this. Though the growth rate of the Dragon remains the lowest among the top 10 nations in this report. Not just this, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security stated that blockchain is going to become a new occupation in future.

Source: Linkedin Talent Insights

Spain, Canada and Brazil remain the top 3 nations having the highest rate of job posting in the blockchain industry. Spain, having a mammoth 609% growth remains on the top, followed by Canada, Brazil and Mexico, with 560%, 518% and 190% respectively.

Source: LinkedIn Talent Insights

The United States, France and the United Kingdom stay the top nations to generate talent demand in the blockchain industry on a year-to-year basis. While Brazil, Mexico and Spain placed last among the top 10 global blockchain talent demand nations in 2022.

Male And Female Ratio In The Blockchain Industry

The report suggests that currently, male employees are dominating the number in the global blockchain industry workforce. Currently, the ratio goes by 76:24 in every hundred employees.

Blockchain technology has offered great opportunities to the people as well as the organizations all over the globe. With the massive adoption of this revolutionizing concept this blockchain sector is on its path to become one of the major areas to work. Other industries better be read to tackle whatever this fascinating notion is bringing with it. 

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