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Big Eyes Coin Launches Giveaway Competition and Gives Users from Dogelon Mars and Dogecoin a Shot at getting $250k

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Big Eyes Coin
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As the Big Eyes Coin presale progresses, the developers are looking to appreciate their community with a massive giveaway of BIG tokens. The presale has raised over $2 million, which is impressive. The giveaway will reward ten winners with 250k worth of BIG tokens to be shared between them. The giveaway will draw members from meme coin communities like Dogecoin and Dogelon Mars, which we review here.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Not just a Meme

Dogecoin was released in 2013 to give a satirical edge to the growing cryptocurrency trends. The developers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, claimed the coin was designed to be ridiculous. It has since been regarded as the first meme coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Unlike many other meme coins, Dogecoin exists on a separate blockchain and can perform smart contract transactions on the network, allowing for third-party mining. Elon Musk’s support for the project in 2021 saw it achieve an all-time high market capitalization of about $80 billion, although it didn’t increase the token’s cryptocurrency price. Dogecoin is listed at $0.06 as it struggles to break the bearish trend imposed by the crypto collapse.

Dogelon Mars (ELON) – The Sister of Dogecoin

Dogelon Mars boasts of being the first interplanetary cryptocurrency. It was created as a fork of the original Doge blockchain, which created a distinct protocol: the Dogelon Mars platform we have today. It is an Ethereum-based token, and more than half its initial token supply is burned to the Ethereum network for equal distribution to members.

The coin community has a futuristic objective, where interplanetary exploration will lead to the integration of species, and the Dogelon Mars will be the medium of exchange at the time. While the token’s cryptocurrency price is still very low, analysts suggest it is too early to make a call on the project’s prospects. It is currently listed at 0.000000432 on CoinMarketCap.

Introducing Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

As stated above, the Big Eyes Coin 250k giveaway is on as the developers wish to appreciate the community members’ support. The announcement will surely draw potential investors in rival meme coin projects, like Doge and Dogelon Mars, to the Big Eyes Coin camp, and with good reason.

Users, new and old, can participate in the giveaway contest on the presale website. The competition’s winner gains 100,000 BIG tokens from the network, while the remaining nine runners-up share 150,000 tokens according to a formula. The winners will be announced by December 2022.

The giveaway is big, but this feline meme coin has much more under its sleeve. Unlike preceding meme tokens, Big Eyes Coin doesn’t plan on sustaining itself on media stunts. The developers already plan a full-scale NFT release in the third pre-launch phase, with stage two featuring some snippets. The NFT release will include a club for the Big Eyes Coin community, where members will access the platform’s NFTs first-hand. An active Nft marketplace will cause an influx of users to the network, as the developers promise there will be no gas fees for transactions within the network.

Big Eyes Coin will also be listed on several exchange platforms, boosting its cryptocurrency price. Already, it is in Uniswap, and the developers hope to include it on several other swap systems by phase three.

Big Eyes Coin also believes in giving back, so apart from the giveaway, it will be making regular donations to charities concerned with ocean life conservation. The developers have set up a wallet with about 5% of the total tokens for such grants.

The project has made over $2 million in just over a week of presales. The presale is still on, and the price can only get higher. You can also participate in the giveaway and stand a chance to win free tokens by December.

Click on the links below to join the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presale:




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