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DappRadar Suggests Web3 Gamers Took Millions of Users to Blockchain

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  • Eight out of ten current blockchain games on DappRadar are mobile-first.
  • The game allows players to collect rewards and use it inside the game or exchanged for cash. 

According to the weekly insights of DappRadar in the past seven days, hyper-casual mobile blockchain games have brought over 1.7 million users from Web2 into Web3 gaming. The information is sourced from the blog-post of DappRadar, posted on September 27, 2022.

Blockchain and Web3 Gaming

In its recent blog, DappRadar mentioned that DappRadar can help for the next Spotify, Google, or Amazon on the blockchain with its weekly Dapp trend articles. At present it is important to know which blockchains, games, finance dapps, and NFT projects give value and build audiences for the right reasons.

The bulk adoption of blockchain technology, crypto and NFT-infused games that solve user onboarding riddles would play a crucial role. Some Dapp games like Gameta, Benji Bananas, Upland, and Trickshot Blitz allow anyone with a mobile device to earn crypto with little prior knowledge, investment, or risk.

In the blog-post DappRadar further added “Using daily activities like hyper-casual mobile games as a hook ensures users find fun once they interact, while solid tokenomics can encourage everyday use and retention.”

Source: Blockchain Gaming Dapp Activity, DappRadar

For any blockchain game, flashy and fast micro-transactions, quick load times, a stable tokenomic model, and slick UX  is mandatory to retain and onboard users. Additionally, one more interesting thing is testing new frontier for blockchain technology, like in-game chat, native marketplace, and moving to mobile-first games.

Additionally, another reason for blockchain games popularity is the saying “bleed in the bear and run in the bull.” As per the blog-post “Gamers appear to have latched onto a medium they understand as an entry point into Web3. The trend is evident, with 80% of the top ten blockchain games having mobile applications.”

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