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Former Coinbase employees Raise $5.3M 

  • The company secured $5.3 million to accelerate the development of Web 3 infrastructure
  • Ola Muse and Karthik Kalyanaraman are the 2 company founders
  • Scale3 focuses on supporting blockchain node operators

In August, founders Karthik Kalyanaraman and Ola Muse left Coinbase. They raised the seed round, which was led by Redpoint Ventures and included participation from Howard University and Mysten Labs, in just two months.

Scale3, their company, is a new infrastructure startup that focuses on helping operators of blockchain nodes. Node operation is a complicated procedure that necessitates expert assistance and prompt resolution of issues.

According to the announcement, this company intends to fill a need for constant node support and monitoring as the Web 3 infrastructure grows. 

Node Analytics Dashboard

Autopilot, the first product from Node Analytics Dashboard Scale3, aims to automate and simplify the process of setting up, monitoring, and upgrading blockchain nodes. 

It added that node operators will be able to access node and network telemetry, community intelligence, and ecosystem-specific insights on its dashboard using open-source tooling.

In addition, Ola Muse stated that the group possesses decades of infrastructure expertise to address the issue of the desperately required standards and tools for the operation of blockchain networks and nodes.

Scale3 is able to shorten the amount of time it takes operators to update their nodes from the current eight hours, according to Muse. MystenLabs’ Sui ecosystem is the first blockchain network to be supported by Scale3, and other networks will be added in the fourth quarter.

They are bringing their experience and knowledge to solve this problem and are leveraging best practices and best-in-class open source tools to reduce the total cost of operations for the industry, said Karthik Kalyanaraman, Scale3’s chief technology officer.

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Builders of Bear Markets

 Bear markets are frequently utilized to enhance infrastructure and increase R&D spending. Despite a decline in the value of crypto assets, Web 3 venture funding has continued to rise throughout the crypto winter of 2022.

The total capitalization of all cryptocurrency markets has fallen below $1 trillion once more, down about 1% on the day. The consolidation, which has been going on for more than three months, does not appear to be coming to an end.


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