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Uniswap Exchange v3 gets ‘Warp’ed’ on StarkNet

  • The launch announcement was done on 9 October via medium post.
  • Warp feature more advanced to enhance the capability of adding more Ethereum-based projects on StarkNet.

The developer company of Ethereum, Nethermind, has announced it has “transpiled and compiled” decentralized exchange(DEX) Uniswap v3 on “Warp”- It is a developed project which allows the users of Ethereum users to exchange their tokens on the more scalable Ethereum layer-2 network StarkNet.    

The announcement of this milestone was made through a Medium post on October 9 by the team of Jorik Schellenkens. 

Nethermind elaborates Warp as a “Solidity to Cairo Transpiler,” allowing Ethereum-based projects to migrate their codebase written in Solidity to StarkNet, allowing them to capitalize on lower charges.

Transpiling is the procedure in which source code is written in a computer-oriented language and converting it into a different language with the same abstraction level.   

In this scenario, Warp converts Solidity codes to Cairo- The same programming language used to develop applications on StarkNet. 

As per the information of Schellekens, The plugin of Warp is not fully developed and is still under development. However, Nethermind will soon have “Uniswap’s entire test suite running against a Uniswap implementation deployed on StarkNet.” 

The achievement came after the StarkNet’s new “contract creation from other contracts,” capability allowed Warp to successfully transpile and run Uniswap v3. 

Schellekens highlighted the importance of this achievement given the massive proportion of Uniswap codebase, which allowed projects of all sizes to be received on StarkNet “With warp rapidly maturing, the barrier of entry for projects large and small to test StarkNet capabilities is decreasing.” 

However, Warp Solidity to Cairo translation does not mirror a perfect image. Warp’s GitHub reflects that there are still several Solidity functions that programmers of Nethermind cannot figure out and how to add to Cairo. However, some major functions require “developer intervention” or “likely never be supported.”     

In an official statement, Nethermind quoted that they are preparing a road map for making the Warp feature more advanced to enhance the capability of adding more Ethereum-based projects on StarkNet. 

Nethermind Furthure noted, “We will continue working hard on features and repeat this experiment with a few other protocols, bringing new protocols to StarkNet at warp speed.”   

According to data from CoinMarketCap while writing this framing, this article Ethereum(ETH), is trading at $1287.67 with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,254,925,883.

The first month of EthereumPoW’s existence has been rough, and if this is any sign of the future, former Ethereum miners may need to look for alternative sources of income.

However, the cryptocurrency bear market has been brutal, and most of these gains have already been lost. The price of Ethereum itself is currently around $1,250, down about 20-22% from the day of the merger.    


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