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 Nuclear Weapons Developed by North Korea Uses Crypto Hack Funds

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Crypto Hack Funds
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  • It is alleged that former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith assisted them
  • South Korean politicians may be involved
  •  North Korea appears to be using hacked funds to finance its new nuclear endeavors

This is what a new investigation says, and it involves the plotting of South Korean politicians, U.S. intelligence, and an ex-Ethereum developer who is now in an American jail.

For the purpose of developing a nuclear weapons program, international investigators claim that North Korea stole hundreds of millions of dollars in digital assets.

In parallel, politicians in South Korea are accused of being connected to crypto developer Virgil Griffith. Griffith was an Ethereum developer previously. For assisting North Korea to evade sanctions, he received a five-year prison sentence from the United States.

North Korean hackers to fund the event

The occurrence comes as Pyongyang asserts that its most recent missile launch is a “simulation” of a potential attack on South Korea in the future. North Korea will carry out its first nuclear weapons test in five years, despite the fact that the missile launch did not involve nuclear weapons. This is expected to occur within the next week.

The project is primarily funded by stolen crypto, according to intelligence reports from South Korea and the United States. Yonhap is the UN Security Council’s committee that oversees sanctions against North Korea. 

They have attributed the attacks on Harmony and Ronin Bridge to North Korean hacker groups like Lazarus. The bad guys received millions of dollars worth of crypto as a result of these hacks, which were extremely successful.

The North Korean hackers used social engineering hacking methods, according to the Committee. In an effort to force projects’ vulnerabilities open, hackers enter systems and target specific victims.

The committee also said that these kinds of hacks are so profitable that hacker groups like BlueNoroff are now only interested in stealing cryptocurrency to make money. 

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Nuclear program, funding and South Korean politicians

Western nations have accused BlueNoroff of attacking Bangladesh’s central bank in 2016. According to the sanctions committee, it was likely that attacks of this kind would continue in the future.

The crypto hacking scandal is causing tensions between the People’s Power Party and the Democratic Party of South Korea, the country’s largest party, according to an article published in Digital Today. The executive is managed by the latter.

Justice Minister Han Dong-Hoon recently traveled to the United States to look into connections between Democrats and Virgil Griffith. Democratic Party officials, according to Democrats, are attempting to fabricate a connection between Virgil Griffith and Democratic Party Chairman Lee Jae-Myung.

However, it is common knowledge that Virgil Griffith did have relationships in South Korea. It was believed that Griffith worked with Park Won-Soon, a former Seoul Mayor. Park took his own life two years ago.

An Ethereum server research center in North Korea was allegedly planned by South Korean politicians, according to allegedly discovered documents.

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