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Top NFT Projects To Watch: Art Blocks, Tribo Flameys And Chronocatz

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Although sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have dropped sharply in the current US Fed-fueled crypto bear market, there has been no decline in the excitement around certain NFT projects. In Q3FY2022, the value of total NFT sales was $3.4 billion, down nearly 60% from $8.4 billion in Q2, according to data from blockchain tracker DappRadar. The NFT market has, however, shown enough resilience despite facing a hostile bear market. For two consecutive weeks in September, the ecosystem showed sustainable signs of a comeback as NFT market capitalization spiked nearly 16.5%, roughly 11.25 million ETH. The entry of new players in the NFT marketplace is also keeping investors engaged. In this context, here’s a look at three top NFT projects – Art Blocks, Tribo Flameys, and Chronocatz – that investors should watch out for.

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Art Blocks trade volume jumps 30%

The emergence of NFTs has solved the problem of digital art ownership. With the digital world rapidly merging with the real world, the penetration of digital art is expected to become more widespread. As an NFT project, Art Blocks takes this even further by marrying the traditional art aesthetics and blockchain.

Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based platform offering programmable and unique generative art NFTs, which digital art collectors can invest in. It is leading a new generation of art and hosting projects from some of the most innovative digital artists of today. The original artworks created by Art Blocks on Ethereum have sold for millions in the past.

Even as the overall NFT market has declined during the Crypto Winter, the trading volume for Art Blocks has jumped over 27% to $11.07 million in the last 30 days, while sales and average prices have jumped nearly 18% and 8%, respectively, according to DappRadar data. Investors should watch out for this project as Art Blocks has announced several updates that will be implemented soon.

Tribo Flameys to power new era of Web3 gaming

Developed by Tribo Games, Tribo Flameys is a newly launched NFT collection of 2000 unique characters. Tribo Flameys NFTs have been developed to celebrate the launch of the company and its future projects. On OpenSea, the current floor price of Tribo Flameys is 0.11 ETH, the best offer is $0.098ETH, and the total volume is 305 ETH.

Tribo Games is making multiplayer games with Web3 technology. The company recently raised $1.17 million for a new game studio. Flameys is the free NFT collection for Tribo’s core community. Tribo Flameys NFTs grant owners with perks and VIP roles in the community, including early access to Tribo games, NFT drops. The limited collection of 2000 Tribo Flameys NFTs is available in four rarities.

One of the most interesting perks that the owners of the Flameys NFTs enjoy is a chance to become the OG (original gangster) in the Tribo community along with Flamey Founder Badge.  One should watch out for this project as gaming audiences are expected to migrate to player-owned economies, powered by NFTs, and new types of experiences built around them in the near future. Multiplayer gaming is also an area that is expected to excel in the Web3 universe.

Chronocatz, more than just an NFT

Created by the team behind, a 24/7 blockchain-based watch investment platform, Chronocatz is an NFT collection of 7777 unique cat characters. Each cat in the Chronocatz collection has a unique feature and trait. These NFTs give access to the perks enjoyed by members of a private wealth club.

Chronocatz offers more to investors than just an NFT. It brings investment security to the market by being linked to real-world luxury watches offered as fractional NFTs by the Chronoly marketplace. Owners of these NFTs can earn passive income from extra staking bonuses, get early access to exclusive watch drops, and private watch auctions. As a private wealth club member, Chronocatz NFT holders can get discounts on trading, storage, and insurance fees.

Currently, is offering a whitelist mint of NFTs, with each cat commanding a price of 0.11ETH. Out of the 7777 NFTs offered in the public sale, 2089 cats have already been sold.

Investors should watch out for this NFT project as Chronoly plans to delve into the metaverse in near future where these unique cat characters would likely have new adventures in a virtual world.

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