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Top 5 Trending Tokens Of October 2022

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Trending Tokens
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The digital currency ecosystem has witnessed a very unstable year, and a very dynamic price trend this October with the latest inflation data that was published last week. The combined crypto market capitalization is still trending below the $1 trillion benchmark, highlighting how many negative trends most top digital currencies have printed thus far this year.

Amidst all these, some altcoins have stood out in terms of resilience and price action. Here is a highlight of the top 5 high-performing altcoins in the month-to-date period and the fundamentals driving their growth.

Top 5 High-Performing Altcoins in October

1. AllianceBlock (ALBT)

  • Market Cap: $74 million

AllianceBlock is an emerging protocol that is positioned to provide the bridge between traditional and digital capital markets for Web3.0 users. At its core, the outfit seeks to showcase how traditional finance would be designed today with current technology. 

That AllianceBlock is trending is an indication that more users are beginning to gain an appreciation of its offerings. 

Per data from Coingecko, the ALBT token is changing hands at $0.058814, up 57.4% over the past 2 weeks and atop a 38.8% complimentary 30-day growth. By featuring among the top most searched coins on Coingecko, ALBT is possibly on track to seeing better days ahead.

2. (CHO)

  • Market cap: $1 billion is an ecosystem that seeks to bring the benefits of decentralised (DeFi) and the reliance/stability of centralised (CeFi) financial services into MetaFi to a new crop of Web3.0 users. offers a broad range of yield products including Crypto Price Insurance, NFT Interest Accounts, and Web3.0 Interest Accounts and keeps developing others, giving its users ample opportunity to choose which product is best suited to their investment goals.

The growth of and its CHO is hinged on its high usability, born out of a variety of on-/off-ramps and seamless blending of CeFi and DeFi under one roof. The CHO token is trading at a price of $0.941506 with a positive margin over the past 14 days. Despite the crypto winter, the CHO token has been resilient, and its current price is 138% above its All-Time Low (ATL) of $0.39.

Worth its strides in recent times, it was not surprising to find CHO among the top trending tokens on Coingecko over the trailing 7 days period.

3. AssetMantle (MNTL)

  • Market Cap: $342 million

AssetMantle is branded as a multi-tenant Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. 

The MNTL token is worth $0.058054 and has maintained an 11% growth in the week-to-date period. As a low-cap altcoin, AssetMantle is also an interesting token that investors are placing on their watchlist, considering it has a higher propensity for growth in the mid-to-long term.

4. Evmos (GMX)

  • Market Cap: $499 million

Evmos is a highly functional infrastructure service provider that enables developers in the Cosmos ecosystem to create and launch apps that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocols. 

The role of Evmos as a ready product to meet a customized need is made evident by its current popularity and token performance, relative to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. Evmos is currently priced at $1.60 and has inked a 14.3% since the start of October, exhibiting unique potential for more positive growth in the near term.

5. Quant (QNT)

  • Market Cap: $2.85 billion

Quant is a consistently top performer in the digital currency ecosystem, extending its reach as a protocol built as an operating system distributed ledger technology— and Overledger Network — for connecting different blockchain networks. For what it offers, investors have particularly taken a huge interest in Quant, with visible growth seen in the price of the coin.

The QNT token is trading at $217 and has inked an 18% growth over the past 24 hours, 40.3% in the past week, and more than 103% over the past month to make it one of the most versatile altcoins on everyone’s radar for this month.

Altcoins Are On The Positive Road 

The industry is expanding, and the lower altcoins with respect to market capitalization have shown massive vigor and popularity amongst the majority of retail investors. For the altcoins featured here, from to Evmos amongst others, one thing is evident, they all embody a unique use case and solve targeted challenges in today’s crypto ecosystem.


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