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Cairo 1.0 is now open sourced by StarkNet


Cairo 1.0 is now open-sourced by StarkWare, a software company based in Israel. The new programming language will be backed in Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution StarkNet in quarter one of 2023.

StarkWare publicised the information through a post on Twitter on November 25. The roll-up technology and circular proofs provide the potential to squash millions of transactions on L2 into a single transaction on Ethereum. However, the project has been blamed for keeping control on its IP, especially by its more open-source centred challenger, zkSync. 

StarkWare referred to open sourced Cario as a “milestone step” in its hunt to hand over more dominance and intellectual property rights to its group and creators. Cairo is a programming language written particularly to control the power of zk rollups and validity proofs. 

StarkWare revealed that developers are now allowed to test Cairo 1.0 by assembling and implementing easy applications until it is completely backed on StarkNet in quarter one of 2023. 

At that certain time, Cairo 1.0 will offer faster feature enhancement and permit more community participation, as per the Starkware Exploration Lead and ex-Ethereum core developer Abdelhamid Bakhta. 

“We are going to carry on to open source the StarkNet tech stack, starting with Cairo 1.0. We are doing this to meet StarkNet’s aim as a public good that anyone can utilize and that the group can always enhance,” he said. 

“Talking practically, this increases the transparency about our code and our coding process. Also, it nourishes the capability of the community to identify bugs and enhance the compiler. With every part of the tech stack that is open sourced, this meaning of community participation will rise and rise.”

Cairo 1.0 will also allow blockchain developers to write and place smart contracts to StarkNet, as per the Medium post of StarkWare. 

StarkWare added that as Cairo 1.0 makes each calculation “verifiable,” StarkNet’s blackout limitation properties will be nourished and it will also be better placed to reply to Denial-of-Service hacks. 

Stark Ware’s STARK tech stack powers various Web3 projects like decentralized exchange (DEX) platform dYdX, NFT-platform Immutable X and blockchain interoperability protocol Celer Network. 

StarkNet has taken a bet by utilizing Cairo to accelerate its solution, which isn’t natively adaptable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Ethereum software tooling company Nethermind built a transpiler known as Warp that changes Solidity code to Cairo Code.


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