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What is Blockchain? 

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A Blockchain is a distributed ledger or a database which is shared among all the nodes of a computer network. The information stored in the ledger is in a digital format which means a Block that makes a blockchain consists of three different data stored like Data,hash,Previous Hash. 

Blockchain was first discovered and highlighted in 1991 by Stuart haber and W.Scott Stornetta both of them were globally popular mathematicians who want to use blockchain as a system which can protect the timestamps and other valuable documents of manipulations.

The valuable data and information stored in the blockchain can not be deleted,manipulated,tampered in one word it can be understood that the data stored in each block of a blockchain is impossible to be harmed.

Since BTC’s release in 2009, most types of crypto have relied on it as its core system. This is why the terms ‘blockchain’ and ‘crypto’ are often used together, despite the fact that blockchain technology can be used for many different purposes. 

Each block of blockchain stores data but the first and foremost block which is Genesis Block have less or no data at all. The development of new blocks is quiet and a new block is developed through the process of Mining.

Each block of a blockchain has its own uniqueness because hashrates of each block are different from other blocks.Although mining is not an easier task  because  it requires heavy machines which are specifically designed for mining purpose.  

Crypto Miner is a validator who approves pending transactions which are in the memepool and miners have the independence that he can randomly select any transaction from the memepool and work on its validation.  

Crypto mining is considered as the most profitable source of income for the miners. But this too comes with a price. Heavy and standard equipment are required to extract this digitally buried cryptocurrency. Here, we will see some of the tools that can help the miners mine this profitable asset efficiently.

Several features of blockchain technology contribute to its ability to provide decentralized security and trust. To begin with, fresh blocks are always stored sequentially and chronologically. In other words, they are always appended to the ‘last’ block in the chain.

Blockchain also has hash codes that are formed by a formula that transforms digital info into a string of numbers and letters. When the data is altered in any manner, the corresponding hash code also shifts. Thanks to these hash codes, the blockchain is made difficult to penetrate and hack.

Nancy J. Allen

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