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7 Best Cryptos Under $1 To Invest in During the First Half of 2023

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There’s no doubt that backing the right project can deliver mind-blowing returns for savvy investors picking up the best cryptos under $1. After a tough year for the crypto markets, many are looking to spot the next big project and lock in their gains for 2023.

Identifying which project is likely to see the best results can be tricky, though, so here’s our list of the seven best cryptos under $1 to give you a headstart on getting in early and generating some serious profits in the first half of 2023.  

Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is an incredible new platform designed to revolutionize the world of gaming. By creating a community hub where gamers can connect and benefit from all that Web3 can offer, the project is already attracting a lot of attention.

Metacade is in the process of creating the biggest arcade in Web3, allowing users access to a variety of play-to-earn (P2E) games in the Metacade arcade. It is also incentivizing competitive play through MCADE rewards across competitive tournaments hosted on the platform.

Community and connectedness are at the heart of Metacade, with users being rewarded for contributions to the ecosystem and earning token rewards for adding value through game reviews, testing, and other actions. This will help accelerate community growth by providing a great deal of value to gamers and building a network effect as user numbers grow.

The utility token, MCADE, is at the heart of the platform. It is used not only for staking and the numerous reward mechanisms through the ecosystem (such as for community contributions and tournament rewards) but also as a general medium of exchange across the platform. This means that its use is critical to the way the platform works, being required for the P2E arcade, buying merchandise, and for both a game launchpad and for Metagrants participation. 

Metagrants are an especially exciting element detailed in the Metacade whitepaper. MCADE holders will have the ability to vote on the quality of proposals submitted by game developers and, in doing so, will play an active role in the allocation of funding for the development of games on the Metacade platform. This funding system not only helps drive community (and Web3) growth through innovation but also provides other benefits to users such as the opportunity to earn through alpha testing of the games once they are in active development.

This token importance also makes MCADE an incredible investment opportunity, because as platform adoption begins to accelerate in 2023, so does the need for the token as more and more users seek to access the ground-breaking features found in the platform and crypto live charts

It’s no surprise, then, that the presale raised over 1.5 million in just the first five weeks of fundraising, as savvy investors jump in to try to acquire their MCADE tokens at the lowest price possible.

MCADE tops our list of the best cryptos under $1 and is currently in its presale. The initial token price was just $0.008 and the price will rise in each presale stage up to $0.02 before it is released on exchanges. The coin is looking highly undervalued, which gives early investors a rare chance to get in early on a token set to skyrocket.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The Basic Attention Token project is designed to try to create a fairer internet, where creators are rewarded appropriately through the fees made from advertising. This is achieved through the use of the project’s Brave Browser, which supports rewarding creatives like bloggers with BAT tokens.

The Brave Browser also allows all users to be rewarded with BAT tokens for the ads they see, putting control of the number of ads they experience as they browse back in the hands of the users themselves.

While the Basic Attention Token has great ambition, it has struggled to make significant progress on adoption, and being up against Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Microsoft’s Edge browsers means that BAT and the Brave Browser have a tough battle ahead of them. If they can find a way to break through, though, it could stand to be a great investment over the long term.      

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin has so far proved many of its critics wrong with a stellar rise (and fall) during the 2021 bull run. While the meme coin project started out as a joke, it has since defied all expectations to establish itself as a top ten crypto project, making it an easy choice for one of our best cryptos under $1 for 2023.

DOGE caught almost everybody by surprise with an incredibly passionate community supporting the project, even catching the attention of billionaire Elon Musk. Musk’s vocal support for the crypto rocketed it up the charts and made many believe that it might have a legitimate use as an online currency in the future.

DOGE’s high and inflationary supply has meant that even at a high market cap, it has remained a crypto under $1, and is a great choice for those looking to dip their toes in cryptocurrency with support from Dogecoin’s loving fanbase.

For serious investors, DOGE has a few issues, though. Its high supply means it requires a lot of ongoing money pouring in to maintain its price, and many are concerned that it has yet to make any real progress in real-world adoption, instead relying on hype from Musk’s tweets and market speculation to establish itself.

While it seems likely to have the potential of a project like Metacade, it’s unquestionably one of the most fun projects out there and a solid option for those looking to enjoy their time in crypto. 

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a layer-1 protocol looking to compete with Ethereum (ETH) in the public blockchain market. It has attracted many fans for the serious and secure way that it has approached the development of its protocol, with every piece of research requiring peer review before the Cardano team will include it in the roadmap.

Cardano has a large and active community of developers and crypto-fans alike and has made some steady progress in building out an ecosystem of dApps (decentralized applications). 

As the project’s native token, ADA, is used to secure the network through Cardano’s proof-of-stage consensus mechanism, as the use of Cardano grows, so does the demand for ADA. The project’s supporters argue that this makes ADA a great investment because they see a bright future for Cardano in its space.

The challenge it faces, though, is that the project is up against stiff competition. With the likes of Ethereum, Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL) among those fighting it out for market share of the layer-1 protocol market, it remains to be seen whether Cardano has what it takes to be able to see the significant uplift in usage it will need to generate decent returns for investors, especially as it is so well-known as this stage.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is another competitor to Ethereum, offering a decentralized permissionless public blockchain that aims to outdo Ethereum by being faster and more scalable. Fantom has a unique consensus mechanism called “Lachesis” and is another project which boasts a passionate community championing the project.

Whether Fantom can wrestle enough market share from Ethereum, Cardano, and the other Layer-1 protocols remains to be seen, but with a relatively low market (at $500 million) for an established Layer-1 protocol, it might just be the best bet for investors who want to see reasonable gains on their investment.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple’s legal battle against the SEC has lasted for many years now, but it hopefully drawing to a close. With the price of the XRP token at around $0.30, it’s no surprise that with the lawsuit potentially close to reaching a conclusion, XRP makes our list of the best cryptos under $1. 

XRP is the native token of Ripple’s digital payments network. This network is used to help provide fast and efficient cross-border payments at a fraction of the cost of the current system.

The Ripple team is incredibly well-connected and even featured on CBDC leadership groups like the Digital Pound Foundation, making them very well-placed for the future.

The big problem for investors is that with so many XRP holders, there’s likely to be a lot of sell pressure when the lawsuit does end, which could mean the conclusion actually sees the token price decrease.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph is a project aimed at developers and works by making it easy to query data on other blockchains. This makes it the first decentralized data marketplace for Web3 and positions the project well for the future as the adoption of Web3 grows.

The project’s native token, GRT, is critical to The Graph’s ecosystem, with a number of different roles and responsibilities (such as indexing chains or checking accuracy), all being incentivized by GRT rewards.

The Graph is another project that looks likely to see the token price increase as Web3 adoption rises, but the risk for investors is whether enough cross-chain use cases exist to drive enough adoption. The Graph is well-placed in the Web3 space, but investors might be waiting many years to see a significant rise in price.

Metacade- top investment choice under $1

With so many excellent projects available on the market for under $1, it can be difficult to choose which to invest in to make the most money. If you could choose one to invest in from this list, Metacade would be the best choice. The project has the potential to hit great heights in the coming months because it speaks directly to its audience, not only by offering them a variety of games, but also by paying them for things they already love doing. 

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