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Critical Signs Crypto Is Ready for Wider Acceptance, Big Eyes Coin Reaches 10th Stage of Funding

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Big Eyes Coin
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How This Meme Coin Is Looking To Repair FTX’s Damage

The forbidding impression set upon investors’ minds when faced with crypto is now melting away.

The DeFi landscape may no longer be unregulated in the future, which could upset proponents who value their money not being controlled by any one entity.

But government intervention across various countries and renewed interest in crypto assets may just be what revives and keeps it safe from catastrophes like FTX.

According to a study conducted by financial advisory deVere Group, 82% of individuals with a net worth between £1 million to £5 million turned to advisors for investment insight on the crypto market over the past 12 months.

Despite $2 trillion being wiped from the total cryptocurrency market cap in 2022, the survey above shows that high-income individuals are still interested in the niche asset class and its high return potential.

There is interest from governments too. Panama, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. are all actively working towards developing inclusive and safe legislation that protects investors while providing them with a return.

Here are 3 signs the crypto-winter is thawing.

Increased Inflows in January

According to a “Digital Asset Fund Flows” report from investment firm CoinShares, inflows into digital asset investments have soared over the past week, touching $117 million. Germany ($46 million), Canada ($30 million), and the U.S. ($26 million) were the top 3 countries to invest.

The majority of these investments came from institutional investors. $4.4 million inflows went into short-bitcoin positions which CoinShares believes shows polarization.

U.K Ready to Become a Crypto-hub, Legislative Support On-route to Investors

U.K.’s government is ready to commit to stabilizing the crypto industry with regulation. The treasury revealed proposals that aim to regulate cryptocurrency after the light of the FTX fallout.

As per the plan laid out by the treasury, crypto platforms will become responsible for creating the requirements a currency must meet before being traded on an exchange.

These exchanges are also to be held accountable for ensuring safe transactions and protecting the assets of their clients.

Crypto may have created wealthy individuals in the U.K. but they have also caused pain to investors. 80,000 UK customers lost money or were otherwise impacted by the collapse of FTX. One notable instance had an investor losing £1 million.

Big Eyes Close to $21 Million in Presale

Big Eyes Coin is a potential investment that deserves the attention of investors. It has successfully raised nearly $21 million in its presale and still has a few more funding stages left.

Featuring an array of cute cat designs on its website, Big Eyes promises a feline aesthetic that can be found in its exclusive NFT club.

Buyers of the coin can expect to earn a 20% return with every funding stage. There is a limited-time promo code “LAUNCHBIGEYES200” which provides you a 200% bonus on your purchase of Big Eyes Coin. The offer ends in two days so make sure not to miss out.

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice. It is an attempt to keep crypto-enthusiasts aware of recent developments. Anyone who chooses to invest in any crypto mentioned in any article does so at his own risk.




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