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Men’s Fashion Magazine GQ enters NFT: Launches “GQ3 Issue 001”

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  • GQ launches its first NFT collection, “GQ3 Issue 001: Change is Good.”
  • Holders and Minters will be awarded multiple exclusive benefits. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are tha talk of the town nowadays. With its inherent benefits, it helps businesses expand its customer base faster than ever. It opens a whole new arena of marketing and promotions. Men’s fashion magazine GQ released their NFT collection, granting holders a way in on subscriptions, merchandise and live events. 

GQ – NFT collection

It will be titled “GQ3 Issue 001: Change is Good,” comprising 1,661 NFTs linked to unique art pieces by artists like Chuck Anderson, Kelsey Nioziolek, REO and Serwah Affafuah. Every token allows its holders the benefit of claiming additional rewards. Every artist would create more than 100 exclusive traits that would be combined algorithmically to create the artwork series. 

Each NFT would be priced at 0.1957 ETH, approximately $330. The Ethereum price is a homage to the birth year of the fashion magazine. Minting of the collection would begin in phases starting from March 8, 2023. Initially, the active members of the GQ Discord would be allowed, and the rest would be allowed eventually. The added benefits of these would be as follows.

Early access to everything GQ

Members would be able to access members-only GQ discord and live events. They will be asked for inputs in future projects on what to build next, and they will also have access to future GQ3 drops.

Parties and live events

They will be granted access to the exclusive community-only GQ3 parties and live events. The first party will be hosted during NFT.NYC in April 2023.

Exclusive merchandise access

Minting these GQ3 Issue 001 tokens would grant members a claim at the founders-only GQ3 hats. They would also be first in line to access all future merch drops, capsule collections, and collaborations. 

A secure GQ box

The United States-based mining members can claim free GQ boxes consisting of specially selected products, which are meticulously tested and recommended by the GQ editors. 

GQ subscriptions

Every holder will get a one-year subscription to the print magazine delivered to their doorstep, plus unlimited access to its digital format.

The initial drop phase will comprise four select artists. They will be given the challenge to explore the GQ motto of “Change is Good” with their art.

Others in the NFT arena

GQ entered Web3 with mixed results. CNN launched its NFT marketplace Vault in June 2021 but had to shut it down in October 2022 as some community members accused them of a rug pull. TIME Magazine also launched its “TIMEPieces” NFT collection in September 2021; the collection featured artwork from more than 40 artists and has grown to 11,450 pieces to date. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a relatively new marketplace, although its potential to revolutionize cannot be doubted. Still, participation from major firms in the industry is required to expedite mass adoption. New technology can be widely accepted if backed by someone people trust.

Nancy J. Allen

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