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Can presale tokens like TOADS and MCADE take the place of APE and MANA?

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The cryptocurrency industry is constantly in flux, with new projects always emerging. Recently spawned presale tokens, TOADS and MCADE, specializing in the GameFi industry, have garnered much attention from the crypto audience. 

Their success has often been compared to APE and MANA, native tokens of the two popular NFT-based projects. Do these newcomers truly have the potential to outperform well-established market members?

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What is DigiToads (TOADS)?

DigiToads is a rising gem that recently became live through its presale and promises significant rewards to users. The project is a unique combination of P2E token and meme coin, where users can purchase toad-themed NFTs as virtual pets, train them to win the combats, rank among the top 25% of players, and get rewards of 50% of prize pool funds raised from the in-game item sales.

TOADS is a hyper-deflationary token with an in-built token-burning mechanism. Meaning every time $TOADS is sold or purchased, 2% automatically goes to the dead wallet. This reduces the circulating supply of the tokens and promises a greater revenue stream for investors once the demand increases.

DigiToads ecosystem also supports NFT staking, and another 2% of the TOADS sales go to fund the staking pools. This is another exciting opportunity for users to gain passive rewards while contributing to the project’s long-term success. 

Presale phase one of DigiToads is now live, and the starting price is $0.01. TOADS price will increase after the culmination of each stage, meaning the presale will be vibrant and dynamic and give the earliest investors a greater chance to secure the highest gains once the project goes live.

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Is Metacade (MCADE) worth investing in?

Another presale token, Metacade, is poised to become the go-to destination for gamers and crypto enthusiasts with its P2E arcade based on the Ethereum network. Innovative and indispensable features, like leaderboards, trending games, GameFi alpha, and more, set this platform apart from other blockchain gaming platforms. 

Metacade is powered by the MCADE token, which will be required for all platform transactions. MCADE will reward gamers for their achievements across the platform, including participating in games and tournaments, sharing gaming alpha, and writing GameFi reviews. MCADE holders can supplement their income by staking their tokens to maintain the arcade network. 

APE fundamentals

APE is an ERC-20 token that is fungible and developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It was initially airdropped to anyone who owned a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) or Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT.

APE holders are members of the Ape decentralized autonomous organization (ApeDAO), allowing them to vote on proposed system enhancements and manage the token’s community. 

How can you profit from MANA?

Decentraland is also hosted on the Ethereum network and represents a virtual reality environment where LAND, a non-fungible token representing a piece of the virtual map, may be purchased. 

The users of Decentraland are incentivized to operate a shared virtual reality for the entire community. While LAND signifies ownership of a portion of the Decentraland virtual world, MANA is the system’s native coin, and community members can use it to purchase LAND from the marketplace. 

Decentraland permits the mining of wearables, which are non-fungible assets tradable on the NFT market. 

Bottom line

The answer to our question is ultimately up to the market. While APE and MANA are practically two of the most popular initiatives of the industry, utility-wise, the upcoming presale tokens like TOADS and MCADE could easily take their spot. 

While it will ultimately depend on the demand and value that the market places on these new tokens, one thing is sure: their unique mechanism and user-oriented ecosystem will pay off.

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