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PassimPay: The Go to Place for Cryptocurrency Transactions

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Pratik Chadhokar
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Cryptocurrencies are widely considered as the future of global transactions. According to Dataportal(dot)com, as of 2022, the percentage of internet users in the age group of 16 to 64 who own some form of crypto was 10.2%.

There were 4.95 billion internet users globally in 2022. That is nearly 62.5% of the global population which crossed the 8 billion mark the same year. Essentially, the scope of cryptocurrency transactions as a part of economies is huge and is poised to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Shoppers and business owners who transact digitally, to purchase or sell on E-commerce websites need platforms that facilitate crypto payments securely, easily and quickly, and PassimPay has all those attributes!

With the motto of ‘simple, convenient and reliable,’ PassimPay stands out in a growing market of financial platforms in the crypto economy because of the following characteristics:

PassimPay has a hassle-free and easy-to-use dashboard, nominal transaction fees, along with top-notch security.

So What Exactly is PassimPay

PassimPay is a platform that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions. It is designed in such a way that allows both entrepreneurs and private individuals to transact cryptocurrencies without the need to open wallets.

Using PassimPay is a breeze: sign up, confirm user information via email address and top up the account, that’s it. Users can begin using services immediately after setting up their account and adding funds.

PassimPay offers two types of accounts – Business and Personal. This bifurcation helps the platform cater to users’ needs better. Notably, due to its simplicity, the platform can be easily used by first-time crypto adopters and seasoned investors alike. Both types of accounts allow users to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Features of PassimPay Personal Account

A PassimPay personal account does not require the account holder to submit ID proof, an address or credit card details. Essentially, the account is completely anonymous. The email-id is the only ID information required by the payments service, for setting up the account.

Transactions are completely free while a nominal fee of 0.1-1% is charged on withdrawals from the platform. Transaction fees are one of the biggest reasons cryptocurrency is a booming success in cross-border payments. Traditional payment aggregators charge exorbitant fees limiting and hindering cross border flows.

The dashboard allows users to track their activity on the platform via the activity log, history, transaction status. It will also show any new services offered by PassimPay. Transaction history and account balance data can be downloaded in .csv format, but the account portfolio is visible on the dashboard itself.

Features of PassimPay Business Account

This account type is ideal for online businesses, e-commerce platforms and of course, entrepreneurs – all those that accept cryptocurrency payments.

Using secured APIs, businesses can integrate their PassimPay accounts with their business interface or platforms. Companies can analyze transactions with advanced reports which include income and expenses related information.

Transaction fees do not exceed 3.5% and depend on the traffic on the blockchain and its general status. Instant notifications allow users to stay up to date with updates and transactions.

PassimPay Supports All Top Cryptos and Will Add More

As of April 5th, PassimPay offers transactions in BTC, TRX, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, AAVE, EOS, USDC, USDD, ADA, DOGE, SHIB, BUSD, NEAR, AVAX, FLOW, KSM, SOL, ACH, DYDX, LINK, CRV among others. More cryptos will be supported in the future.


Security is another essential feature that will determine whether defi platforms will sustain operations and remain in business. Good security measures boost user confidence and that goes a long way.

Users can safely conduct crypto transactions or exchanges due to PassimPay’s wide ranging security setup which includes 2-factor authentication, Network and application firewall, emergency backup, detection of unidentified or malicious agents, DDoS protection by Cloudflare and SSL certificate.

Users can opt out of the two factor authentication program if they wish to. However, it is better to use the feature to better protect one’s funds. In the process of setting up the account, a master key is generated which can be used to recover the account in the event the user loses the credentials or access to the account.

Invite New Users and Earn Commission!: The PassimPay Partner Program

Users get a referral link when they set up their account. This link is associated with the users account and is meant to invite new users for PassimPay.The partner program allows users to earn a cool 5%, 7% or 10% of the transaction fee for each withdrawal of the user who used the referral link to register.. This is not a one time program. Every time the referral withdraws funds, the user whose referral link was used, gets a referral income. However, the size of the amount – 5%,7% or 10% depends on the size of the level of the user

PassimPay is an easy to use, safe and economical payments facilitator for the cryptocurrency community. The signing-up process is simple and the security standards are up to date with the industry’s latest. Plus, the sweet deal – the PassimPay Partner Program which rewards those who share the application with others – makes this payments platform an attractive option.

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